Sustainability & Accountability

We have partnered with certified tanneries which integrate quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. They are dedicated to fostering rational use of material by utilizing the entire hide so nothing is wasted, as well implementing in their processes water based finishing, and striving for maximum reductions of CO2 emissions.


The Marie De La Roche brand values conscious luxury. We encourage our customers to view our handbags as an investment piece, designed to last. Ethically sourced and made with love. It is of great significance for us to understand the impact we create long-term and how to extend our work’s durability.



We want to preserve traditional craftsmanship, and so we make sure we work with a factory whose heart is in supporting its artisans in the best manner. They employ third generation techniques heavily inspired by selleria to create durability and beautiful finishes.

We are constantly inspired by the pride they show in their work, and the fact that they are working while taking care of their families as mothers and sometimes the sole breadwinners.

It is our blessing to be able to support them and we are equally grateful for their support to our vision. 


Certifications and safety of our materials

Our suppliers have obtained several environmental and quality certifications including UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI EN ISO 9001; Gold Rating, the highest score of the Leather Working Group aimed at developing and improving the sustainable business practices.

The Blue Angel label certified products protect the environment and people’s health through limited water consumption production process, prudent use of resources during disposal to name a few. Our main tannery is also one of the 5 companies chosen to take part in GREEN L.I.F.E. project, financed by the European Commission aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the tanning sector.

For us, it is safety in materials for our customer and our artisans, minimizing footprint impact for shipment, using eco packaging, and limiting production. We also work with eco by-products for special capsule collections such as fish and ostrich legs, while ethically producing and sourcing for minimal environmental impact and maximum usage of materials.


Our brand uses only chrome-free leather along with flexible inner lining and anti-humidity coatings. This is important for us that we do not only focus on the exterior of our bags but the interior where our customers used them heavily. The anti-humidity coating comes in handy as humidity is a factor for our Asian market segment.

Our metal accessories are sourced from nickel free family owned traditional companies, in special coatings so they can tolerate and thrive in a variety of weathers, just as many of our leathers which when textured have an water repellent ability.



Our inner structures are related to visuals and weight.

We wanted light bags that wouldn’t strain people’s shoulders but also designs that would not feel dated as they became floppy or folded to the sides, which is the usual bag journey.

We work with a company that creates special ultra-light skeletons for us that keep the shape fresh for many years to come giving the MDLR woman a sense of newness and boldness when it comes to wearing it.

While it is a challenge to do everything in a sustainable manner, we are constantly seeking solutions to further sustainability within every aspect of the company.