Our Brand

Our brand is a global love affair made for the woman that knows herself and feels empowered by her instincts.

We are Marie De La Roche; a brand inspired by Latin American roots, a love for color and innovative elegant shapes, handcrafted by 33 female artisans in Portugal in carefully selected Italian materials. Inspired by architectural and mythical figures, we combine Italian and Portuguese Savoir-Faire.

Our goal is to elevate and support passed-on know-how and heritage techniques from a third generation family owned factory through our designs. We believe in the idea of permanence, things that don’t go out of style or follow trends. We believe on lasting products made well, purposeful and aesthetically lasting.

Our pieces are made to be treasured for years to come.

We believe in loving others through what we do, from ethically sourcing and working with sustainably minded accessory and leather suppliers in Italy, to taking care of our artisans and making sure our clients get well rounded pieces made with love and care.

Our leathers are chrome free, and depending on the texture they could be water repellent or water absorbent, always finished with anti-humidity painting. Our designs are made with light yet sturdy structure so they don’t weight you down and they never lose their shape. No one likes floppy bags.




“To be part of a woman’s journey of her lifetime, empowering her with bold accessories and rebellious femininity through impeccable European craftsmanship."



“To be a brand that honors ethical practices and delivers uniquely designed pieces all over the world.”

A Message From Marie

“When I was thinking how can I bring anything different to my own brand, I was thinking of value, of buying better, of things that weren’t trendy but had a lasting effect. Jewelry and bags were what kept popping up.”

— Marie De La Roche,
Founder & Creative Director