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Q: Where is my order?
A: Once you’ve received your purchase confirmation email, we will send a shipping confirmation email letting you know when your purchase has been shipped, including tracking details of your order.


Q: The item I want is sold out. Is it coming back?
A: The way we source our materials and produce our collections means that some of our items are only available in small quantities and may, therefore, be sold out. Please note that the majority of our pieces are limited edition and will not be returning in the future.

You may drop us an email at if you wish to make a pre-order.


Q: Can a sold-out item I want be available for pre-order?
A: The nature of our products means that they sell out quickly, and pre-orders allows us to hold your place to make sure you get what you want. You will receive an update when the item is ready to be shipped. Please note that your card will be charged partially when a pre-order is placed. This is the only way we can allocate the item to you.


Q: What if I need to change or cancel my order?
A: Once an order is placed, it cannot be modified or cancelled. However feel free to email Customer Service at and we will do our best to accommodate your change.


Q: How can I return my order?
A: Please note that all purchases are final and cannot be returned, no exceptions. If there is an issue with your order please email Customer Service at . If deemed the exception of an exchange, shipping fees will be borne by the customer.


Q: Do you have any offline store locations?
A: Currently, we are available in Galeries Lafayette Dubai located in The Dubai Mall.


Q: How can I guarantee that the product I purchased is authentic?
A: Authentic Marie De La Roche products are available on our website ( and at Galeries Lafayette Dubai, The Dubai Mall. Our company does not offer merchandise for sale through flea markets, unauthorized retail locations, or at auctions.