Wes Anderson-Inspired Summer Ensemble

Award-winning filmmaker Wes Anderson has his own ways to create movies. Pastel color palette, perfect symmetry framing, with a touch of vintage are his signature. His aesthetically pleasing style is one of a kind, making it easy for people to distinguish his films.

Admirers all over the world have captured from buildings, swimming pools, restaurants to even windows that are under the realm of his aesthetics. 

Photographed by the Unsplash community

The photos are curated and showcased on an Instagram account @wesandersonplanet. Another account, @accidentallywesanderson has turned into a book of the same name.

A different aspect to spotlight is their iconic wardrobe. Each character’s wardrobes were thoroughly well-thought by topnotch costume designers. As it has inspired a handful of halloween costumes in the past, we are here to inspire your summer outfits.

A Rebellious Genius

The Royal Tenenbaums is a legendary movie, so is Margot Tenenbaum’s style. Not only is she a fashion style icon, her world is translated in the designs of a hotel library in Miami. Margot is a child prodigy and it is projected to her preppy choice of wardrobe, which she holds on from childhood until adulthood.

Striped polo dress, vintage hair barrette, fashionable flats, add a touch of white with our Seda Optic White Croc purse. The movie was shot in New York City, hence we created a chic and comfortable look to stroll around the city. Mink coats and gloves may remind you of Margot Tenenbaum, but we recommend you to wear it in the upcoming season.  

Client of a Pastel Hotel

Set in the 1930s, The Grand Budapest Hotel is the kind of movie where you could forget the storyline for a split second as you become mesmerized with its set design. The plot involves a story of a secret lover that surprisingly attained a very important inheritance of a certain Madame D. Though she made a short appearance but surely made a big impression, and her outfit is no exception.

Created by an Oscar-winning costume designer, Madame D’s signature outfit is certainly the correct inspiration for your fancy date night. Metallic gold maxi dress, coordinating accessories including sophisticated black pumps, and Micro Blanket Croc Noir purse to top it off. 

A Girl Who Lives in Summer’s End

Suzy Bishop is a 12-year-old girl who lives with her family in a house called Summer's End. The movie Moonrise Kingdom follows the adventure of young lovers, Suzy and Sam, who ran away together into the woods. Her choice of clothes may look simple, yet it is just the right example for a day out.

As the movie takes place in 1965, a little bit of vintage vibe is embedded into this look. The Atena is a very suitable bag to be incorporated as it is a timeless piece that matches seamlessly to the whole outfit. It is also a versatile one, as you can pack your picnic essentials into the bag by the lake. 

Whichever your style is, wherever you are planning to go this summer - even only to your living room - we hope you are inspired by these three timeless fashion muses!


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