Virtual Walks in the Park and Beyond

As international borders have begun to open welcoming overseas travel without quarantine, we are bound to make our very own travel plans! It has been almost two years since the world changed forever.

Here are the list just in case you are curious¬†ūüėČ

Although pre-pandemic travel status will take time, it did not stop our team to virtually travel to our favorite places and dream destinations around the world. Call us sentimental beings, but¬†we would love to be transported there immediately. Read below to find out why¬†ūüĎáūüŹĹ¬†

San Antonio by Dhannisa

There is something about San Antonio that I really love! It has become my favorite city to visit whenever I fly to the States to visit my grandma. I was captivated by the San Antonio River, a major rich colonial heritage site in Texas. 

Photographed by Anna Breaux via Unsplash

The miles-long River Walk is beautifully lined with street arts, boats, buildings, cafes, and shops. The glimmering waters, tall trees and fresh air just feels so serene. Strolling around during summer with my family enjoying a cup of sorbet is an experience imprinted on my mind until today. Some say they left their heart in San Francisco, I certainly left my heart in San Antonio!  

Trondheim by Fauziah

Out of all the places I have travelled, my favorite city has to be Trondheim, Norway. Nothing can beat its picturesque rolling hills next to the blue sea. Serenity at its best.

Photographed by Sébastian Goldberg via Unsplash

The highlight of Trondheim to me is the¬†well-preserved¬†Tr√łndelag Folk Museum. Housing more than 80 buildings, some dating back to the 12th century, the Tr√łndelag Folk Museum is the 3rd largest cultural history museum in Norway! The reason as to why I love this place so much is due to the history and culture stored within them.

As a person who loves learning about history and people in general, it is fascinating to see how people in the 12th-18th century lived, and how they evolved and adapted to the times. Not to mention, the place is exquisite. 

Seoul by Danika

Photographed by Ori Song via Unsplash

From fashion, culture to local spots, what’s not to love about Korea? I dream of visiting Seoul, where beautiful city lights shine all night long filled with aesthetic cafes on busy streets.

My first stop would be Starfield Library, a massive sanction where bookworms like me would flock to, right upon landing in Korea. I love how its interior features shimmery yellow lights, and books displayed in individual cabinets. A sight that would convince me to spend recklessly! Not to mention, their warm ambience complimented with wooden tiling. An environment so snug, I reckon it would be hard for me to leave. 

As a sentimental soul with an affinity for writing, A Space Filled With You is another location holds dearly in my heart. A studio-like cafe with envelopes that stretched across its length, where I wrote a letter to my future self.

That is, after I selected an adorable envelope that I knew my future self would appreciate. I sealed it with a wax stamp that I melted in their sealing station. I cannot wait to see what my younger self has in store for me. Not only was it an exciting experience, I believe it can act as a reminder about how far I have come. 

New York City by Dejan

As Alicia Keys's Empire State of Mind goes, "concrete jungle where dreams are made of" sums up what New York is, a city of dreams, a city with sleepless nights and city lights, where everyone is trying their best to take a bite out of the Big Apple. 

How do I make the most of my time in the city? I run by the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in loops and watch the boats swing right by the Boathouse; treat myself with cupcakes in Chelsea Market; watch the sun go down at The High Line and get lost in Time Square at night wandering how small I am in a sea of people and billboards. New York to me is somewhere between living and dreaming. 

Melbourne by Antonia

I have only visited Melbourne twice in my life but it has been my favorite city thus far. You can find the typical busy city life in the city centre, yet also peace and quiet in the suburbs. It is very easy to roam around the city, it took me two to three days two familiarize a street or two.

People are really friendly there, we can fill up our drinking water anytime anywhere, and lots of interesting places such as the Royal Exhibition Building, one of the oldest landmarks in Melbourne. As you can tell from its name, it is a venue for exhibitions and events, including fashion shows.

An interesting fact: the University of Melbourne uses this place for their students to take their final exams. Though I only saw the inside of the building from their glass windows, it gave me the chills as it is indeed very majestic. When visiting Melbourne, be sure to visit the most talked about Lune Croissanterie. Their croissants are delightful and I crave them so much!

O'ahu by Anna

I still remember the day I landed in Honolulu International Airport back in 2012. Was I dreaming? I have been dreaming to go to Hawaii since I first saw Hillary Duff's sweet sixteen birthday bash in the early 2000s. A 10-day trip I won't forget, I felt so blessed to go during my college years and experience it through the eyes of a local.

From kiting at Waimanalo Beach park, saw the Rabbit Island from afar, sat in between rocks at the China Wall, hiked the famous Lanikai Pillboxes and swam in the warm waters of Lanikai Beach, ate at Teddy's Bigger Burger after, went thrift shopping at Chinatown, went on a road trip to North Shore (gorgeous scenery from the Pali Highway) and tried the famous Giovanni's Shrimp + jumped off the Waimea Rock, paid respects at the Pearl Harbor Memorial, ate Ono Hawaiian Foods and Obama's rainbow shave ice cream, snorkeled at Hanauma Bay, watched the sunset goes down at Diamond Head Beach and jumped off Maunawili Falls a few hours before my flight back home. 

Naturally, I kept a travel diary during my once in a lifetime trip. So here's an entry of the day I went to Lanikai. 

May 28, 2012

"Today was my favorite day so far in Hawaii. The three of us went to Lanikai and Kailua, we went hiking first to Lanikai Pillboxes for about an hour. The gorgeous view was worth the steep hills. As soon as we reach the bottom, we hit the beach. Ah the white sand beach was beautiful and smooth! The best part of swimming there was I saw a turtle peeking his head out of the water. Unfortunately, we didn't catch it on tape. Nonetheless, it was a great beach day."

There you have it folks! Where would you like us to take you next?


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