The Art of Packing: Traveling with Your MDLR Bag

As much as we are excited to plan for the next vacation, traveling could be daunting especially during these times. 🗺️ Vaccinated or not, we still have to remain cautious and vigilant.

Whether you are going to a city nearby or to the other side of the world, it would still require months of planning, days of packing, and hours of waiting at the airport. 🧳🛫

Speaking of packing, we are here to show you how to pack your MDLR bag into your suitcase properly. Did you know that our bags were created to withstand the test of time by design and craftsmanship? We firmly believe that excellent quality goes the mile. 

Meet a Special Friend of Ours

Our Atena, Seda, and Palmier come with a special friend, called the “tear”. It is a detachable leather insert that can be taken on and off. This special friend protects the shape and structure of the bag, specifically when it is inside your suitcase during traveling.

The Atena Purse Sling Bag Breakdown

For whatever uncertainties that you would stumble upon, the tear will be one of the things that you can count on. This tear could hold your tears as it would prevent your bag from getting damaged. We hope we could turn your frown upside down when you see your bags stay in shape during unpacking. 

The One Where We Pack

Packing is a crucial thing. If you are a planner like us, we coordinate our outfits to save space inside our suitcase. Not to mention, we would like to take one of our MDLR bags with us. We recommend to bring the one bag that will match with most of your outfits.

For those who love to dress minimalist, we got you covered! All of our bags are versatile and can be worn at least in 2 ways, which means you would only need another bag for the whole trip. Your baggage limit will thank us later.

This is how we pack our Atena into the suitcase. Make sure you insert the tear in between the handles to maintain its shape. Ensure you have enough cushioning in between clothes too. You're all set! 


All My Bags are Packed, I’m Ready to Go

The bags are zipped, you have put on your most comfortable clothes and a pair of sneakers. We recommend the spacious Octavio 4-way backpack when traveling and carrying your airport essentials in style. 

After going through the never-ending series of check-ins and x-ray scans, you are finally in the boarding area. Granted that your flight is still in a couple of hours, grab a light meal at the executive lounge. Contrarily, those who do not like to be far away from the boarding gate, read a book or magazine while you wait for the flight officers to let you into the aircraft.

Either it is your first ever flight or a hundredth something, try to be as relaxed as possible both before and during the flight. Despite the fact that your suitcase might be tossed around and your clothes are somehow jumbled, you have done your best to protect your belongings.

Traveling could be a lot more fun with MDLR bags tagging along with you! Our diverse and colorful bags will be more than happy to be your traveling companion, by your side or waiting patiently inside your luggage. Hope to see our globetrotter Atenian soon on your next flight!  ✈️ 


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