Strutting the Streets from Cartagena to Paris

Are you a fashionista eager to experiment with new styles? Or are you a fashion onlooker who loves observing trends in various cities? We have got you covered. 

Hop on board to MDLR airlines, fasten your seatbelts as we fly to Jakarta, Tokyo, Paris, Kuwait and Cartagena in one go. Get your passports, take out your fashion journal as we uncover street styles from cities we truly adore! 

Get immersed in your mind’s eye as you envision yourself present in each setting.


Jakarta is a city filled with people from divergent ethnic groups and a melting pot for metropolitans. If there could be one thing “Jakartans” are proud of aside from their modern lifestyle, it would be their affinity for fashion!

Interestingly, two contrasting aesthetics and lifestyles can be discerned within this metropolis especially between citizens in North Jakarta and those in the South. So much so, you can identify which part of Jakarta someone is from... by a single glance. 

A stereotypical joke that locals often ponder over. However, we are certain that as you are introduced to their oppositional styling ways… you might just understand why.  

The Jocks of Jaksel

South Jakarta is like the Beverly Hills of Indonesia. A residential area, justifying why citizens in this part of town choose to adorn themselves in casual attire… when not headed for fine dining restaurants of course. This side of Jakarta is quite preppy and cool. Think sophisticated shirts and tailored dresses. You can also see people from ‘jaksel’ translated and abbreviated as South Jakarta, as they like to call it in more minimalistic looks and neutral colors, chic voluminous blouses worn with chic jeans cut off at the ankle and playful embroidered mules or slides.

The Not So Simple Life

Now moving on to the other side of town, North Jakarta. Citizens in this part of town dress to impress, do not be surprised as you see individuals strutting across town in head-to-toe designer pieces, as though they plucked out their look straight from the runway. 

Experimenting with silhouettes and pastel colors. Indonesians are great advocates of local talent, purchasing garments from local brands like Peggy Hartanto and Sean & Sheila. Not to mention, trend culture is dominant among North Jakartans. Rest assured you can receive updates on current fashion trends by visiting happening places in North Jakarta. From sweater vests to bucket hats, you name it.


Japan… oh… Japan. Where Cherry blossoms bloom in Spring and the art of sushi making is practiced all year round. When one thinks of Tokyo style, cool imagery from the crosswalks of Shibuya and Harajuku that invades (in a good way) our fashion magazines, comes to mind... without a doubt.

Many of us are intrigued and fascinated by their style. One that is continuously evolving, as anticipated from the fast-paced nation they are. Powerful statement creatives, who have invariably trademarked themselves globally, which we are utterly grateful for. 

Tokyo fashion today is an apt mix of classics in melody with rather stronger pieces. Perennial trench coats and ballerinas always make a spectacle. Along with a dash of asymmetrical tartans, a drop of Italian flair and immaculately coiffed hairstyles. Leaving us to question whether they have personal stylists on speed dial or are just graciously talented in every aspect? 

We just had to let you in on some ways you can embrace their awe-worthy ways of dressing.


To look Parisian is to have the attitude of a Parisian. It is not like how cliché movies would make you believe. She knows what she likes and stays true to her unique style. 

Nobody knows Parisian style better than those in the panorama of Paris fashion. Luckily, we have Linda Darahim, the creative director of Majorel Atelier. A born and bred Parisian giving us her take on fun cafe looks she has witnessed when sauntering down the romantic streets of Paris.

Beyond each side of the Seine River lies two contrasting aesthetics. Despite Paris being a city of its own. Almost as though the banks of the Seine River embodies a barrier between two kingdoms. 

Left Bank

On the left bank of the magnificent Seine, the manner of dressing revolves around being chic and timeless. Curating a set of elegant looks from brands like A.P.C, Michel Vivien, Hermès and Alexandra Golovanoff Tricots. 

Noteworthy cafes  are where you can see Parisians flaunting these looks. Some cafes include Café de Flore, Le Bon Marché and Le Rostand. We prompt you to visit these locations! They are just too cute to miss out on.

Right Bank

The right bank is where hipsters shine in broad daylight. Audacious and awe-worthy, outfits like you have never seen before. We might just run out of adjectives attempting to describe the variety of looks Paris streets are ever so ready to serve us. 

You might feel inclined to approach these fashionistas and potentially become friends with them. Letting you in on the brands they shop from, brands like Acne Studios, AMI, Isabel Marant, Maison Château Rouge. 

Ask to meet up with them in classic French bistros like Café Charlot and Le Progrès and surprise them with how you guessed their go-to spots. Shh... do not tell them we told you 😉

Linda’s love for both Parisian aesthetics inspired her to majorly incorporate the street styles of the left bank with tints of the right bank. An amalgamation of hip and elegant jewelry. Our personal favorite is her ‘cocoon’ collection. 

Ah yes... we can already smell crispy butter croissants in harmony with the bitter scent of coffee beans as we envision ourselves adorned in the Parisian ways of life. 


The home to the art of theatrical supremacy. It would only make sense to place the limelight on Kuwait street style, which greatly embodies the splendor of cinema.

According to our muse Nada Alyouha, the best way to describe Kuwaiti style is the unification of casual and preppy attire. With the element of opulence remaining unswayed. 

What does a typical Kuwaiti woman look like? As you might wonder. Well, we can say with certainty that she is always put together and is ready for any occasion. They simply have fun with fashion and they owe it all to their undying affinity for playing dress up. 

They are not ones to shy away from couture and emerging designers. From Lebanese couture to statement pieces from Japanese and Indonesian brands. If it appeals to their interests of standing out, we reckon the criteria box has been ticked.

Women who worship details! From voluminous, deconstructed garments to quirky accessories, rest assured it has already been added to their shopping cart and on its way to their doorstep. 

These are two versions of how you can do your own take on it!


Cartagena, a beautiful contribution to the world from Colombia. A walled city where elegance and femininity greet each other. 

A country that takes pride in their fashion industry, abundant with utmost talent. So much so, we almost could not decide what to shine the spotlight on. From beguiling dresses, stylish hats and headpieces, one is bound to get immersed in the beauty that they have to offer.  

Warning! You might catch yourself daydreaming, envisioning yourself as the ultimate fashion blogger wandering Cartagena’s cobbled streets. Let’s hope your colleagues did not notice. 

Do not think we forgot their adornment of statement jewelry, evoking indigenous roots throughout the way. How could we? Jewelry plays a substantial role in their rich cultural background, next to their proclivity for chic bathing suits. Perfect for taking a quick dip (with style of course) before starting the day.

Colombian women prompt you to acknowledge the power that can be bestowed upon with a red lip. The power to go a long way whilst simultaneously complimenting the beautiful waves of their frizzy hair. As intense as those of the ocean during high tides. Asymmetrical printed garments with ruffled detailing is, indeed, a street style go-to in Cartagena.

These are some ways you can make their style your own. 

Your plane has landed.

It is time to unpack everything you experienced and take an essence of it into your everyday life.

Nonetheless, a trip worth remembering, make your daily life feel like you have traveled to a new setting, and do not forget to share with us.

Whether you are grocery shopping “in Tokyo”, baking “in Paris” or having a picnic “in Cartagena”... we would love to see it!



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