Immersive Gallery Experiences Around the World

Your summer vacation isn’t complete without a trip to a gallery.

Here at MDLR, we’ve done our research, and we proudly present you with 5 galleries across the world that are unlike any other. Get ready to experience a whole new world of art, and by fall, your IG feed is guaranteed to be the envy of others.

teamLab Tokyo

Touted as the world’s first digital art museum, teamLab started off as an international art collective that aims to show the world a “cool” Japan. This gallery combines technology and art to give you an unforgettable experience. At teamLab, expect to walk through water and find yourself in a garden where you become one with flowers. 

Superblue Miami

Get ready to feel like Alice exploring Wonderland at Superblue in Miami.

What was then an unused industrial space is now a rich and immersive art experience. With over 50,000 square feet of interactive artwork, you are sure to feel like you’re one with there. Here, you can find yourself being one with astonishing pieces made by James Turell, teamLab, and many more.

Atelier des Lumières Paris

For those of you traveling to France this summer, don’t forget to stop by Atelier des Lumières in Paris!

As the first digital art center in Paris, you can expect to be carried into a new world at Atelier des Lumiéres. This space is filled with projections of constantly moving artwork made by artists from around the world. 

In the absence of real paintings, experience being in one at Atelier des Lumières.

Frameless London

Frameless London is known for redefining experimental art spaces. Being the biggest multi-sensory experience in the UK, it houses artworks from notable artists such as Dalí, Van Gogh, Munch, Monet, Cezanne, Klimt, and many more.

At Frameless, you can expect to come out of it with a new perspective of classic art.   

Wisdome LA 

For fans of music, art, and fashion Wisdome is definitely the place for you to be.

At Wisdome LA, you can find 5 geodesic domes showcasing a new take on VR, Fashion, Film, and Technology. This place truly has something for everyone – all of your interests are packed into one at Wisdome LA; you can expect to enjoy interactive art installations, immersive theater, music performances, and so much more.