Athens Travel Guide ft. MDLR

Photo by Arthur Yeti on Unsplash

It’s no secret that the silhouette and name of Marie de la Roche’s Atena is named after the Greek Goddess, Athena.

Athena’s name is derived from the Greek city of Athens, where there are countless monuments (such as the Parthenon) dedicated to the Goddess of wisdom and courage. It’s no wonder so many MDLR pieces go perfectly with Athens’ eclectic neighbourhoods. 

Here is our take on some of the most interesting areas in the city and the perfect bag to pack for your next Athens’ getaway.


Photos by Despina Galani on Unsplash


Plaka is arguably one of Athens’ most beautiful neighbourhoods and is usually the first neighbourhood mentioned when exploring any “Athens To-Do” articles. 

The flora against the colourful backdrops makes Athens’ oldest neighbourhood ideal for late-afternoon walks. However, one can quickly see that souvenir-shops adorn the central roads of Plaka, which is why it's important to take any detour or hidden street that presents itself. 

The hidden streets with the neoclassical flair means a bag that allows you to gain quick access to your camera is necessary. 

For this vibrant neighbourhood, we recommend the Perla Copper Mine Purse. This purse is big enough to fit your small portable camera, and its dazzling colour makes it ideal for standing out from the bold colourful Plaka backdrops.


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Athens’ quintessential neighbourhood. 

Despite its touristy reputation, Monastiraki holds a great nightlife once the travellers have cleared. Head to this bustling neighbourhood after 8 PM to get a taste of Athens’ cocktails and lively youth culture. 

Of course, traveling can be busy and having the perfect day-to-night bag is necessary, like the Nada Tan. Big enough to fit your essentials and hands-free so holding a drink is easier.



Athens’ quirky neighbourhood holds some of the best eats in the city. 

It is certainly for creative visitors who want to mingle with artists, writers, and musicians in the old city. With vintage stores and whimsical coffee shops, this neighbourhood is sure to delight those looking for a non-touristy look into Athens. A creative neighbourhood requires a creative accessory. Look no further than the Atena Fuchsia - bold enough to become any artist’s muse.


Photo by Darryl Low  and Nick Night on Unsplash

Kifisia is Athens’ upscale neighbourhood. 

The streets have designer leather goods stores, cafes, and fine-dining restaurants. Its suburban proximity means it's away from the hustle and bustle of Athens’ other upscale community, Kolonaki. Enjoy its serenity and peace while enjoying some of the best things Athens has to offer. In fact, one can even stumble upon the Greek royal family’s villa in this neighbourhood amongst the other 19th-century villas that adorn the streets of Kifisia. 

A royal presence deserves a royal look. Manning the Micro Tosca is a great fit for a late-afternoon coffee in Kifisia’s cafes for a chic and elegant look.


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