Bag Insider: Atena, All Over the World

Our signature bag is sure to turn heads.

With its one-of-a-kind bottled shape, inspired by the Greek Goddess, Athena's crest helmet, and the soft curves of a perfume bottle, the Atena bag resembles women's strong and yet gentle side. Not only was Athena a master artisan, but she was also the goddess of war and wisdom. A strong woman not afraid of her curves always choosing to lead with her ideas. 

Imagine holding one of these gems in your arms. 

Say hello to your new best friend

The Atena comes with a detachable strap which could be adjusted to the height of your body. It comes in a fun closing mechanism, designed and patented by Marie De La Roche. Whenever you want to go to the mall or a stroll in the park, it is fitting to wear the Atena as a sling bag for a more casual look.

 Atena Sling Bag

Wear the Atena as a sling bag

It is midday and you just remembered to buy something from the grocery or pharmacy store but you forgot to bring your shopping bag. Remove the snap belt to create extra space to put your groceries in.

In case you are still outside or busy at work and there is no time to change for a date night, Atena could help elevate your whole look. Simply detach the strap and turn it into a statement purse. Yes, this charming bag is spacious enough to carry your day to night essentials. 

Atena Statement

Atena the statement purse

For whatever activity you may bring your Atena to, its snap magnet opening aids you to save plenty of time from zipping. Say goodbye airport anxiety when it comes to opening or closing your bag during security check. 

Fun fact:
To protect its shape, the Atena comes with a tear insert with your purchase. It doubles the function to protect the bag inside your suitcase during traveling. Atenians, don't lose it!

Watch our full tutorial video here on ways you can wear your Atena. It's ever useful.

Atena’s answer to diversity

Our signature bag comes in a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures. 

Atena Collections 

From ostrich, calf leather, suede, Amazonian pirarucu to croc leather with patina effect, we've got it all!

From pastel to bold tones, suede to croc leather, you have just the right number of options of Atena to fit your style. This diversity was inspired by the existence of different women with each of their own fascinating qualities and voices.

Just like Atena, our community is composed of a variety of different personalities. To celebrate each of their uniqueness, we have put together photos of our Atenians (our community of MDLR women) from different sides of the globe, holding the various colors of the Atena.

Amelia Salim Atena

Chloe Bechini Atena

Client Atena

Julia Comil Atena

Victoria Loke Atena

Andria Alitrati Atena

Clients Atena

Miso Dam Atena


These ladies have proven that this one-of-a-kind bag is a multifunctional piece. From dressing up at home to fancy outings with friends, wherever you live, Atena is certainly your compadre.

We will see you in the next Bag Insider! Until then, here is a link to our bestselling color Atena. Don't worry you can pre-order by pressing the 'Notify When Available'. You can thank us later ;-)

Photo credits belong to the respective Atenians (MDLR Women)'s personal archives. 


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