Atena’s Art Basel Experience

Courtesy of Art Basel

After 2 years, Art Basel has finally returned to Switzerland – this means that Atena is out and ready to get back into the art world. 

While we might be a little late in reporting, time to rejuvenate after such an exciting experience. With over 200 galleries and more than 4,000 artists, Atena had the time of her life exploring some of the most fascinating art from every corner of the world. Today, she’s decided to share some of her favorite artworks showcased at Art Basel 2022.

Dimension, by Liu Wei

Courtesy of Art Basel

This large-scale sculpture is first presented in Liu Wei’s exhibition “Nudità”, and it uses abstraction as a means to explore hidden worlds and concepts through the artist’s eye. Dimension is an examination of how urban spaces, devoid of human presence are just a series of redundant and abstract projects. To Atena, this piece serves as a reminder to always cherish the concept of community.

A-Z Personal Uniforms, 2nd decade: fall/winter 2003–spring/summer 2013 by Andrea Zittel.

Courtesy of AZ Project

Designed, made, and worn by artist Andrea Zittel is this piece. Atena has never really seen anything quite like it, and it’s refreshing to see a little bit of fashion at Art Basel. Although stunning and interesting, this piece really provokes a question, or a thought to Atena: What is Personal Style?

 The fashion industry comes up with different trends season after season, and it’s moving at a more rapid pace than ever; with this in mind Atena found herself thinking about the dissonance between someone’s own personal style, and the trends presented to you.

 Here’s a little explanation of the artwork said by Zittel herself:

“These uniforms, while both attractive and functional, question the associations between freedom and personal liberation with the market demand for constant variety. The Uniform Project proposes that liberation may be possible through the creation of a set of personal restrictions or limitations.”

Cristina's Words, by Jaume Plensa

Courtesy of Galeria Senda

In an attempt to recover a sense of serenity in today’s society, artist Jaume Plensa executes his idea with Cristina’s Words. As Atena would describe it, this piece “evokes the beauty in simplicity”. Cristina’s Words, although a simple and straightforward piece, can look different from certain angles, and it made Atena wonder how one object can mean different things to different people.


Art is something that Atena holds dear to her heart, and she hopes it does for you too.