All About: Carnevale!

February is surely full of celebrations, isn’t it? Now that Valentine’s is behind us, let’s put on our best and most funkiest outfits, and revel in one of the most colorful celebrations, Carnevale!


The History

Like France’s Mardi Gras, Carnevale is the final hurrah before the fasting and meditating of Lent begins. In Italy, every village and town celebrates its own Carnevale parade – each family cooks up a storm to honor this centuries-long tradition of masquerading, dancing, and feasting before the meditations and fasting of Lent.

Carnevali of Italy


This annual Venetian celebration began way back in 1162. It started as a celebration of the Venice Republic’s victory over its enemy, Aquileia. Fast forward to 1979, the Italian government decided to reconnect Venice with its’ festival, and the Carnevale of Venice has grown more and more popular over the years – gathering thousands of Italians and foreigners to celebrate and masquerade all around the canals of Venice.

To best enjoy the Carnevale in Venice, we recommend you bring our little Perlas!


The Carnevale di Cento is a historical Carnevale of Italy. It has been celebrated since the 17th century, and it was started by a local painter Gian Francesco Barbieri “Guercino”. This celebration takes inspiration from traditional fables and local tales and has its own king! Its name is Tasi, inspired by Tasini.

Enjoy the historic ambience of the Carnevale di Cento with our classic Atenas (which happen to hold a lot of history). 



One of the oldest Carnevale in Italy, the Carnevale di Foiano, celebrating it’s 481st edition this year. It revolves around a competition between four centieri: Azzurri, Bombolo, Nottambuli, and Rustici. The Carnevale di Foiano is known for its’ complex, beautiful, and majestic floats as well as the mask of King Giocondo.

Blend in with the beautiful and majestic floats with our newest silhouette, Milo. 



The most popular event in the south of Italy is the Carnvele di Putignano in Puglia. This event can be traced back to 1394 and is most known for its symbol, Farinella - a mask created in the 1950s by Mimmo Casale.

Match the Farinella mask with our Juno! 


So, gentlewomen… Now that we’ve given you some insights into Carnevale, are you ready to take on Carnevale like a pro? In case you’re looking for something a little bit more extra to wear, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Our latest clutch, Lauren, is just what you need for any Carnevale there is.