5 Wellness Oriented Summer Destinations

Get a glimpse of what true relaxation is with these 5 good-for-the-soul and serene summer destinations we’ve curated just for you. From Iceland to New Zealand, explore new territories and widen your horizons with us.

Amankora, Bhutan

Courtesy of Aman

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of luxury, adventure and culture, look no further than Amankora. With five lodges that spans across five valleys, Amankora offers an unparalleled experience into the wonders of Bhutan and the Himalayas.

Apart from experiencing Aman’s signature (top-notch) treatment, you will also get to indulge in a tailored experience throughout the Kingdom of Bhutan’s remarkable landscape and rich cultural heritage. Each of the five lodges (Paro, Timphu, Punakha, Gangtey, and Bumthang) has something unique to present – from private hikes to living with locals, Amankora is sure to give you the best that Bhutan has to offer.

Six Senses Fort Barwara, India

Courtesy of Six Senses


Live like the royals once did at Six Senses Fort Barwara.

What was a 14th century fort is now a sanctuary for wellness, history, and culture. Located in Rajasthan, this palatial resort will take you back to a lost era, offering you a royal experience unlike any other. 

There is no better place to get your wellness in check than in India. Six Senses Fort Barwara’s spa offers an extensive Ayurvedic “whole body” healing system, meditations, and wellness programs that combine both Eastern and Western practices. In the midst of traditional practices, their wellness center also provides Biohacking treatments using smart technologies for you to achieve a healthy and balanced body and mind.

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, New Zealand

Courtesy of Aro Ha Wellness Retreat

Maximize your wellness journey with Aro Ha Wellness Retreat.

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat is known to design and tailor intricate wellness programs that will best fit your needs to regenerate your body and your mind. Nested in the picturesque Southern Alps of New Zealand, this peaceful retreat invites you to explore your own spirit through mindfulness,

Here’s what your day will look like at Aro Ha Wellness Retreat: greet the morning sun with vinyasa yoga, reconnect with nature and experience contrast hydrotherapy, all topped with nutritious plant-based meals.

Sanctuary Lodge Machu Picchu

Courtesy of Belmond Hotels

Situated right next to the iconic Machu Picchu, Sanctuary Lodge offers you a gateway into the Incan Empire.

Just a stone throw’s away from the ancient city of Machu Picchu, Sanctuary Lodge is the perfect hideaway to relax after a day exploring one of the wonders of the world. Sanctuary Lodge offers you the best of both worlds; it interweaves traditional activities and experiences such as Cocoa Leaf Readings and Payments to Mother Earth with exceptional and luxurious services.

While you’re there, don’t forget to try Peruvian cuisine – it’s said to be one of the best.

The Retreat Hotel Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Courtesy of The Retreat Blue Lagoon

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, located less than an hour from Reykjavik and carved inside an 800-year-old lava field, offers the heady dual impact of otherworldly landscapes and tranquil Scandinavian design.

This award-winning luxury hotel would be ideal to visit during summer for those of you looking for a change of scenery, away from the tropics. The retreat offers you a private and exclusive experience at the Blue Lagoon, where you can benefit from natural mineral-rich waters to enhance your well-being.