Introducing: Cassiopeia Collection's SEDA

Welcome to the world of Cassiopeia.

The glow of shimmery suede leather, resembling the constellation near the celestial pole.

Cassiopeia is feeling comfortable in your skin.

A celebration of loving yourself especially at a time where we have little control on the world changing around us.

Cassiopeia is finding hope and joy in the small things, in this case in the sparkly things reminding us there is so much beauty and hope out there.

To see the glass half full and taking in warmth and love from simple pleasures.

Seda Purse

Our star-shaped bag is a new favorite, made for women with an edge not afraid to show their soft side.

Seda’s star-like corners and center pleats create a bold piece, perfect for (virtual) parties and incredibly athleisure friendly. Seda comes with a fun closing mechanism, designed and patented by Marie De La Roche. There is no need to worry about a zipper, when your bag is secured with a safe, bold snap magnet opening.

Wear it as you go as a statement piece or attach the strap and cross it over a sling bag.

Featuring 3 various colors in Ice, Snow and Sand, Seda's bold statement corners and pleats is a fashion-forward addition to your wardrobe.

Fun facts:

The designer always wanted a star-shaped bag in her closet. What better way than to make one?

In Spanish, Seda means silk and to be soft, represented in the center pleats of the bag. Inspired by three different girlfriends named Seda, who all have the kindest hearts with fearless attitudes of a rock star. Her star-like corners shouts, “don’t mess with me!” creating a daring piece that can be as glitzy or as casual as you wish it to be.

Seda Ice

The Seda Ice is painted in Cinderella blue made out of pixie dusts and silver sparkles. Considered as one to have this season, it is like holding a diamond in the rough.

Looks gorgeous on lavender, textured frills and deep blue.


Watch the Seda Ice in movement:

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:

Seda Snow

Our Seda is as white as snow. We love a good white bag! Don’t you?

It’s no surprise white goes with everything especially when worn with a print dress or textured top. Carry your Seda Snow to highlight your look with its one of a kind shape.

Although most people consider white handbags a summer accessory, the Seda Snow looks fabulous with cool chocolate/beige blazers, chunky knitwear and oversized coats.

Watch the Seda Snow in movement: 

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:

Seda Sand

The Seda Sand is like polished gold, deep in lustrous yellow. Due to its neutral color, the Seda Sand is perfect to combine with different styles without taking over the whole look.

It goes hand in hand with gold accessories and your little black dress. Or, if you want to walk into a room dripping in gold, we suggest wearing a full-on gold dress showcasing the golden goddess you truly are.

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:


Cassiopeia is a magical realism.
The part of us that dares to dream idealize.
A wild beauty.
A dream where you want to stay still and wander.
Cassiopeia, the constellation that alludes to the vanity wi.
Cassiopeia, a map of stars to find the light within.
Embrace your wild heart and dance with nature.