Introducing: Cassiopeia Collection's NADA

Welcome to the world of Cassiopeia.

The glow of shimmery suede leather, resembling the constellation near the celestial pole.

Cassiopeia is feeling comfortable in your skin.

A celebration of loving yourself especially at a time where we have little control on the world changing around us.

Cassiopeia is finding hope and joy in the small things, in this case in the sparkly things reminding us there is so much beauty and hope out there.

To see the glass half full and taking in warmth and love from simple pleasures.

Nada Mini Purse

Welcoming Nada as our new micro purse addition to the newly-launched Cassiopeia collection! The small treasure chest you didn’t know you needed but now you can’t live without!

Named after a beloved muse, Nada is a micro leather purse designed to bring that extra oomph to your chic wardrobe.

When worn during the day, you can simply connect its detachable strap into the tiny yet sturdy clasps on the back of the Nada purse.

Its boxy yet feminine structure carries all your must haves; sanitizer, keys, lipstick and cards. And no, it does not fit your phone because we know it never really leaves your hand.

Featuring 6 various colors in CopperSandIceCentellaCocoa and Snow, Nada's petite shape is a fashion statement and a consequential addition to your party pieces.

Fun facts:

The Nada purse was inspired by a beloved muse, Nada. Her, as many of our clients turned friends, play a major role in the identity of our brand. We aim to involve our customers and build an empowering community that inspires women across the world.

Nada Copper

The Nada Copper has a gorgeous reddish brown color that resembles the metal copper. Although this is a warmer and fiery take on brown, imitating the color of autumn leaves and sun-dried bricks.

Its metallic form is a versatile color for dark color outfits, making it a candy purse. The Nada Copper can also be worn with deep shades of forest green or midnight blue as it is exceptionally chic and sophisticated.

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:

Nada Sand

The Nada Sand is like polished gold, deep in lustrous yellow. Due to its neutral color, the Nada Sand is perfect to combine with different styles without overbearing the whole look.

It goes hand in hand with gold accessories and your little black dress. Or, if you want to walk into a room dripping in gold, we suggest wearing a full on gold dress showcasing the golden goddess you truly are.


Watch the Nada Sand in movement: 

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:

Nada Ice

Some would call it the Cinderella blue made out of pixie dust and silver sparkles. The Nada Ice is one to have this season, it is like holding a diamond in the rough. Snatch this delicious candy purse!

A treasure box-shaped bag with a halo handle.

Wear it with pink, red or white frills. You will love how the shimmery suede gleam against the sunlight, as so do we.

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:

Nada Cocoa

Don’t mistake our Nada Cocoa as your chocolate nibble. This dark brown color is an all-time classic, making it the most sought-after shade this season.

Style your Nada Cocoa with an all-black blazer and fringe skirt and satin black pumps. Elegant in every way. 


Watch the Nada Cocoa in movement: 

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:

Nada Snow

Our Nada is as white as snow. We love a good white bag! Don’t you?

It’s no surprise white goes with everything especially when worn with a print dress or blouse, you are better off carrying our Nada Snow that will highlight all the colors.

Although most people consider white handbags as a summer accessory, but they appear as fitting with beige blazers, chunky knitwear and oversized coats.

Watch the Nada Snow in movement: 

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:


Nada Centella

Centella in Spanish means a spark of lightning, appearing bright in the constellation Cassiopeia. If you are into black hues, the Nada Centella is one to add to your collection! 

Black goes with everything, as so they say. The shimmery black color looks even better with a chic white summer dress or we imagine it to be paired with a yellow power suit.

For more details, we have drawn its measurement below:


Cassiopeia is a magical realism.
The part of us that dares to dream idealize.
A wild beauty.
A dream where you want to stay still and wander.
Cassiopeia, the constellation that alludes to the vanity wi.
Cassiopeia, a map of stars to find the light within.
Embrace your wild heart and dance with nature.