SS23: El Dorado

Marie De la Roche SS23 is inspired by our Colombian roots.

As a brand that mixes its European heritage with its Latin passion for color, we wanted to share a story of beauty; when man honors nature’s gifts.

Our SS23 El Dorado colors and shapes found their genesis in the Laguna de Guatavita legend, which in Colombia we call ‘El Dorado’ – The Golden One.

‘When the gods created the world, they rested in the bottom of the sacred lagoon of Guatavita. To honor them and their gifts, the Muisca cacique (head of the tribe) would head to the centre of the lagoon completely covered in gold in a wooden float (also covered in gold dust) to gift nature many treasures including emeralds and other native gems, which would be dropped to the bottom of the lagoon as the rest of the tribe celebrated from the shores the offering’.

MDLR’s El Dorado is an amalgam of captivating metallic, guava tones, and earthy elements which encapsulate the marriage of natural elements that create stunning accents for any wardrobe, from a minimalist clean closet to the maximalist.



Inspired by Juno: the Roman goddess of marriage, childbirth and fertility. Her symbolic animal is the peacock whose tail is imprinted on this bag via its quilted, palm-like details. Senses of practicality and boldness wrapped in one of our most spacious bags to date.



A statement clutch inspired by one of our muses. Lauren is for the one not afraid to open her wings. Lauren brings a different flavor with an oval hoop that adds edge and practicality to the clutch.



Ren is a purse that surprises and delights with its curves. Inspired by the El Dorado Legend, its shape pays homage to timeless curves through a compact form. Ren can be worn as a purse with a detachable strap or as a clutch with the handle.



Amphora is inspired by its namesake antique container. A new addition to the Atena-Perla family, this vase-like silhouette is designed with a 3D quilt effect that allows it to expand in a voluminous manner to give full coverage and great space for its wearer. Just like its previous iterations, Amphora comes with a statement top handle and a detachable strap.



Milo is delicious and round, like an apple. Its shape expands via a practical zipper and can be worn in many ways, with or without its hoop-like tabs, making it a shoulder bag or an easy-to-carry purse. Whatever your fancy, Milo can fit all your main accessories in an eye-catching yet practical manner.



Nido is Nada’s bigger sister. A lunchbox cutie with a top halo-like handle that has a magnetic snap closing system, this gracious purse has a fun shape while keeping all your important items secured.