Our Values & Community


Atena as you may know is the name of our signature bag, but its also our very own patroness and an inspiration for who the MDLR woman is.

She is bold, fearless, yet feminine and gentle. The word Atenian is derived from the Greek goddess Atena, the master artisan. She fashioned ornate and luxuriously embroidered robes for herself. Not only was she the goddess of Handicrafts, but also of War and Wisdom. Some say, she combined her two main interests to invent the war chariot and the warship. 

If that’s not being multifaceted, we don’t know what is. 

We believe an Atenian (the MDLR woman), has an elegant essence that manifests in the many things that make her who she is. Not only can she be nourishing and creative, but she will go to war for her ideals, always with a wise mind ready to learn but also with a gentle strength.

An Atenian is not afraid to try new things, to be the first in her community to do something different, always driven by an immense curiosity and a wish to see what’s out there.

She is not wearing the latest fashion; her best outfit is her authentic self. Whether that means wearing the boldest colors of the season, having an insane shoe game or wearing that clever accessory and a classic getup, she always knows what she wants, who she is and where she is going.

An Atenian doesn’t go out of style; she sets the pace for it. Are you ready to embrace your inner Atenian?




We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible support in our journey, especially towards our artisans and suppliers, as without them none of this would exist.
Every handbag we produce is a labor of love, a carefully handcrafted piece made by female artisans in Portugal in curated Italian materials. The majority of these amazing women are now in the position of being the one income that supports their families through this difficult time.

Thanks to you, we have been able to donate protection garments and groceries to hundreds of families impacted by COVID in Colombia, Philippines, Kuwait and Indonesia. We are committed to donate part of our proceeds and continue to support people the best way we can.
These are some organizations we can get behind in case you feel like donating to someone today (Food distribution)
@fundacionconectandoideas (Angel donor project)
(Food and hygiene kits)
@in_visiblehumans (Front liners food and emotional support)
@mawarsharonpeduli (Food distribution)
@dressforsuccesssingapore (clothes for new professionals)
We are more than just a bag.

With much love,
Team M at Marie De La Roche