What We Love To Do Aside From WFH

The year 2020 was filled with remote working and living, from online meetings, finishing up small to large scale projects, emails, creating mood boards to writing blog posts and newsletters to our community. As important as work is, we strive our best to maintain our work-life balance, pandemic or no pandemic. It is important to always keep reminding each other to take care of one's health, both physically and mentally above everything else. 

Meet the MDLR team members! We spend our screen time aside by binge watching our favorite television series, scrolling down our Instagram feed and doing exercise videos from YouTube or Headspace meditation app after work hours on weekdays. 

As we all know, leisure does not always come from what you see on your smartphone. Thus why, we have chosen to make the most of our off screen time by doing what we love to do on weekends and public holidays. 

Every individual is unique, as well as our team members. Each one of us has different preferences for offline activities, from horse riding to relaxing at a matcha cafe, we sure do remember to involve our favorite MDLR bag.

Anna with her Octavio Backpack whilst horse riding

Horse Riding MDLR

Anna loves horse riding ever since she was 4 years old. Aside from design, she loves horses more than anything in this world. She always finds comfort and solace whenever she goes riding. Her Octavio Croc White Backpack certainly comes in handy after a ride to bring carrots as treats for her horses. She can be found at the stables or hiking up the hills with her four-legged best friend on the weekends. 

Antonia with the Octavio Purse exploring museums and exhibits

Exploring Museums

Nothing like a stroll in the museum. Antonia can be lost for hours on end just reading about the artist, starring and appreciating their work whilst clutching on her Octavio Croc White Purse. Her favorite artists range from Egon Schiele (figurative painter of the early 20th century known for its intensity and its raw sexuality) to Robert Rauschenberg (American painter for his iconic pop art work). After a year of not visiting the museum, they finally opened and she could not be happier! 

Olinda and her Micro Blanket Purse sitting at her favorite matcha cafe

Matcha Cafe MDLR

Olinda loves matcha so much. She is willing to go the distance in search of the best matcha in town. This is her in her favorite matcha cafe that she frequently goes to this past year. As she does not go out as much as she used to before the pandemic, she utilizes this opportunity to dress all out from head to toe. In the spirit of staying stylish, she incorporates her Micro Blanket Croc Noir with her cuppa matcha.

Marie taking her Butterfly Clutch discovering historical places

Sight Seeing MDLR

It seems like it is still a long way to go until we can travel freely again, without mask that is or the paranoia of getting sick. In the meantime, here is an inspiration for your fashion look the next time you explore historical places. Our Creative Director, Marie, pairs her black dress with the Butterfly Clutch in brown and white sneakers, a staple look when traveling. We recommend neutrals when going to such places, as it has been proven that the color of the clutch blend seamlessly with the scenery. 

Jovanna on a gourmet dining experience with her Shell Clutch

Gourmet Dining MDLR

One of Jovanna’s ways to beat boredom of staying at home is by combining two of the things that she loves: catching up with friends and attending gourmet dinners (whilst maintaining a safe distance). In love with the whole decor, Jovanna captured her Shell Clutch Croc Whiskey alongside the table setting. The clutch has a neutral color, and it is just the perfect bag to synchronize with the fancy ambience.

Dhanni with her Atena Purse Sling Bag on vacation

On Vacation MDLR

While others choose to spend time within the city, Dhanni prefers to have a longer break for a vacation. For the whole trip she is accompanied by her Atena bag. To preserve the memories, she took picturesque photos at the beach. One of the photos was this mesmerizing blue ocean featuring her seafoam Sky Blue Atena. What a way to color coordinate with nature!

Teresa taking her Zee Zee Bag to her favorite deli

Favoarite Deli MDLR

Similar to Olinda, Teresa chose to spend time at her favorite deli, eating her sandwich, observing people, and just being present are the things she enjoys the most. She takes her Zee Zee Bag whenever she visits the deli or the local supermarket as she always brings her phone, wallet, phone charger, and analogue camera for candid moments. Another thing Teresa loves to do is filling in her journal with printed photos she took from her camera, including her treasured trips from around the world.

Dejan wearing her Luna Fringe Purse to her Zoom cocktail parties

Cocktail Parties

Dejan’s number one offline activity is to attend cocktail parties! As social gatherings have been limited, she and her friends would arrange regular Zoom party meetings every Friday night. The party would include game night or a Netflix teleparty with a side of popcorn. Though Dejan only needs to show the upper side of her body, she feels the need to dress up with her Luna Fringe Purse and feathery skirt, as if she is going out (just like old times).

Marie De La Roche Bags are just as diverse as we are.

Each bag has its own story, designed in different shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of different needs. Whatever your activities are, work related or not, MDLR bags are there for you every single day of the week, not limited to weekends.


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