'What is Your MDLR Bag Color' Quiz

The ‘Atenians’ are a community consisting of different people of different traits and tastes. To correspond with this existing variety, we cater to a wide range of hues for our lavish creations. There are different colors for different Atenians, from fiery to earthy tones. 


Are you about to purchase your first Marie De La Roche bag? Or perhaps you are looking for a new color to add to your closet? Given that you are not 100% sure yet which color to choose, take our quiz below! Who knows it will help you decide which bag that goes best with your personality 😉



      Mostly A’s: Rosso
      You are always in ‘go go go’ mode, as in love to get things done and do not like to beat around the bush. You have this burning passion inside you in whatever action that you do. If you have this kind of fiery personality, our Rosso Lizard bags could be the best choice to manifest your aura even further. 

      Ferrari red purses for roaring fierce ladies!

      Mostly B’s: Sol
      You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You like to socialize whereas you enjoy being around other people so much. Just like sunshine, you radiate positivity to your surroundings. Coincidentally our bag library has the color Sol, which means sun in Spanish, that is as luminous as you.

      These vibrant bags will indeed boost your brightness.


      Mostly C’s: Emerald
      You are patient, easy going, and brilliant listeners. You do not really like to be in the spotlight yet in your own way you like to be helpful to people around you. You are as calm as emerald green, a color of nature. If your upbringing is to be translated into a color, it would be our Emerald Croc.

      Gorgeous earth tone to bring out the elegance in you.

      Mostly D’s: Mar
      You are cautious, precise, and unconsciously analyse things almost all the time. Learning new things intrigues you, being structured is your middle name. You may feel that you are not a laid-back person, when actually you are as serene as the color Mar, which means sea in spanish.

      Bags as cool as the sea for our tranquil Atenians.

      Rosso, Sol, Emerald, and Mar are just a tiny bit of the many colors that we have. There is an even wider spectrum of shades for you to pick from. Still not sure which bag is for you? Click here if you would like a one-on-one styling session. 

      Whatever your result is, please do tag us on Instagram @marie.delaroche if you think it matches your personality!

      See you at the checkout box 🛒🛍️



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