Virgo Season! Our Creative Director's Birthday and Other Virgos We Love

It’s Virgo season! In honor of our Creative Director’s birthday, we thought it would be fun to walk you through typical Virgo behavior. Her love for fashion and lifestyle inspired us to place the limelight on other Virgos that hold a dear place in her heart. 

If you are a Virgo, buckle up. You might find yourself screaming “this is so true!” as you read along.

We decided to let our inner detective shine and do a background check on Virgo behavior.

Independent souls who love to be of service to others. Warm and helpful, with an affinity for taking accountability of their duties. Nonetheless, having good health is still their number one priority. 

They excel in whatever they do. 

Knowing that Virgos pay attention to detail, it's no surprise that they also pay very close attention to what they wear. Virgos are known to favor items that are practical, long-lasting, and unique. Their attention to small details often translates in purchasing items with cute little details (i.e. buttons, zippers, cufflinks, accessories that are out of the ordinary), and to the quality of the fabrics that they choose. Independent and self-serving, they do not care much about trends, they would much rather spend their money on clothing that fit to their own personal style, and stick with that. 

Fun fact: In Greek mythology, Virgos are said to be in close association with Goddess Astraea. The goddess of justice and purity. Now you know why your Virgo friends tend to be rather protective, to have them in your life is a blessing.

Stepping out of our detective shoes and putting on our paparazzi pants, as it is time to dive into the realm of well-known Virgos we love: 

Cameron Diaz

We cannot even imagine the number of times we have cried of laughter while watching Cameron Diaz in her element. The ever-so-talented actress has a knack for stealing the spotlight in hilarious rom coms and we would not have it any other way. 

This 90s icon has undertaken roles so versatile, we almost forgot it was her. We will always remember her as Mary in ‘There's Something about Mary’, regardless of which new role she decides to take on.  

While we are on the topic, “The Holiday” is definitely one to save on queue for movie night.


A Disney star who continues to shine. Talented in every aspect, recently stepping as a fashion powerhouse in every red carpet we have seen her.

We can sum up her style as effortless and chic. She is always rocking immaculate neutral pieces with interesting details or going all out in an explosion of flamboyance. She creates the rules. 

How could we possibly forget to mention her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger? Outfits that emanate the ultimate boss” persona.  

Wherever she goes we can certainly expect to be Wowed by her, whether it's the next Met Gala or a movie premiere, Zendaya never fails to take the crown as the showstopper of the evening.

Rupert Grint

Where are our fellow Potterheads? The simple mention of his name makes us feel like running a marathon, a Harry Potter movie marathon that is. He portrayed Ron Weasley, a quirky yet subtly brave character, emphasis on subtly. 

He brought in the element of humor to this wildly loved fantasy story. Him and all the other Harry Potter characters are a reminder to find boldness within and dream beyond the ordinary, injecting a touch of magic and hope into everything we do. 

Keanu Reeves

Our favorite Canadian Gentleman, known as “Neo” or “John Wick”. A phenomenal actor who carries finesse and charisma into every project he pursues.

We would like to thank Hollywood for giving us exposure to his glorious facial features, oh...and talent of course, ranging from his amazing moves in action packed films and heartwarming moments in pretty much everything he is in.

We hope we did not make our fangirl moment too obvious, whoops. 

Salma Hayek

The stunning actress and producer, Salma Hayek. Our love for the sassy Latina goes way back. Sugar, spice and everything nice is a simple way to sum up her dynamic personality. 

We are constantly inspired by her, not only for being such a fearless Latina entrepreneur but also for her range as an expressive performer, who is not afraid to voice her opinion. 

Her breakthrough in cinema sparked her portrayal of the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, which still moves us to this day. Needless to say, an icon who played an icon. 

Melissa McCarthy & Alexis Bledel

The  American comedy panorama would not be complete without the show ‘Gilmore Girls’, they gave us the gift of witty quick-spoken comedy, amazing mother-daughter dynamics and the charm of a town we did not know we needed. ‘Star Hollows’ for those who do not know. 

This show would not have been as epic without the incredible presence of Melissa McCarthy and Alexis Bledel. 

Melissa played Sookie St James, a quirky and lively character. While Alexis played Rory, an introverted personality with a love for learning.

This show always feels like home. The perfect rainy day watch with a hot cup of chocolate milk, some scented candles and a boatload of popcorn. Did we just set a scene to tempt you to go on a Gilmore Girls binge? Maybe...

Amy Poehler

We do not know about you, but Amy Poehler reminds us about the beauty in being authentic. A woman not afraid to be herself, blessing us with her charming wit and talent.

An old soul with sarcasm galore (in the best possible way). Gasping for air as we cry-laugh watching her interviews and comedies. As Amy would say “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”

We can’t let you go without telling you to watch ‘Wine Country’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’. Are you ready for deadpan humor and inside jokes?

A reminder to send some love to the Virgos in your life. If you are a Virgo yourself, do not forget to celebrate yourself and how far you have come.

This time of year is dedicated to the uniqueness that you bring into the universe, let it shine!


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