Octavio’s Tips for the Solo Traveler

Hi Atenians! It’s June, the sun is out, and so is Octavio! Isn’t it exciting to be able to travel again?

Today we’ll be talking about safety when going abroad, especially during solo travels.

A common concern for women who want to travel is safety - there are so many “what-ifs”  surrounding solo travel, and it doesn’t have to be that way! While the topic might sound scary to some, these tips below will ensure you have the best time abroad whilst having your safety and well-being protected.

As an avid explorer, Octavio has years of experience under its belt in traveling alone, and today she’s here to bring you tips – from one seasoned traveler to another.


Photographed by Ibrahim Rifath via Unsplash

Always be Aware

First and foremost, keep your bearings. Octavio’s had a fair share of experiences getting swamped the minute it steps off a bus, train, or the airport. There’s always a huge crowd of vendors trying to get your attention, and it is one of the most intense moments of traveling solo. To avoid getting overwhelmed, Octavio recommends that you know where you’re going, and how you’re getting there prior to your trip.


Back-Up Your Documents 

Octavio always makes copies of its ID, reservations, and cards stored somewhere safe, i.e. an online Cloud or a safe in your hotel. In case your bag goes missing, you’d still have all of your essential information secured safely, and will have easy access to them.

 Photographed by Anthony DELANOIX via Unsplash

Switch Out your Jewelry with Local Accessories

During its travels, Octavio always tries its best to blend in with the crowd. After all, the last thing it wants to be is a target for pickpockets. While it can be nice to wear your favorite jewelry or watches, it’s best to switch them out with something more local to the area, and affordable! There are so many beautiful accessories out there, so who knows; you might your new favorite there.

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Keep your Family & Friends Updated

It can get lonely, and a little scary when you’re abroad all alone, and Octavio knows this too well. Not only is connecting with your close ones heart-warming, but it will also let them know that you’re safe. In case things go sour, your loved ones will have some information about your whereabouts to report. Also, keep them updated by sharing your location when you’re out and about via applications such as WhatsApp, Life360, Google Maps, and Find My Friends (Apple).


Use your Phone Smartly, and Wisely

When abroad, Octavio’s phone is fully charged at all times and is secured safely in the bag. Your phone essentially contains all the information you might need for exploring a certain city or area, so it’s important to have your phone on and secured safely in any case.


Don’t worry too much in the case your phone goes missing. Applications such as Prey, as well as Google & Apple’s Find My are able to track down your electronic devices once stolen.

Photographed by Sebastian Hietsch via Unsplash

Plan your Activities Ahead

To avoid boredom and confusion in a foreign country, Octavio usually asks the Hotel Concierge, or application Airbnb to scout for some fun activities to do within the area. Airbnb also allows you to sign up for classes and events that explore a country’s culture. Not only will these experiences broaden your knowledge of a certain country, they can also serve as an opportunity to make new friends with locals and other travelers alike!


Lastly, remember what you’re traveling for! Now that you have all these tips laid out, it’s time to put them to use, and have the best summer you’ve ever had.


Well, that’s all Octavio has for now! Safe travels, Atenians.



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