The Best in Twos: Fashionable Twins

They say twins are miracles who come in pairs. You are not wrong. Did you know December 18 is National Twin Day? 
From the legendary Olsen Twins who set ground in fashion and entertainment industry to your favorite blogger twins, AMIAYA Suzuki and Qjin and Qwon, their best looks. We will tell you why we adore each one of them.

Ami and Aya Suzuki 

Ami and Aya are best known for their pink fuschia hair and exuberant wardrobes. The colorful identical twins were born and raised in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka before embarking their career as pop singers in Tokyo, Japan just at the mere age of 15-years-old. They now go by their stage name, AMIAYA as fashion influencers.

“The hope is that one day when people think of Japan, they will think AMIAYA.” — Ami and Aya Suzuki

As twins, they also share a passion for fashion. After years of featuring in numerous publications and campaigns, AMIAYA became known for their aomoji-kei style, a creative fashion subculture influenced by trends in Harajuku. Their loyal fan base grew with many young women imitating their style. In 2011, they launched their own label named Jouetie. 

The label has now been around for 10 years, a mix of concepts of romance, minimalism and street style. “During the design process, we are looking to create clothes and accessories that are positive and fun. The name Jouetie comes from the French word ‘jouet’ meaning toy. Seeing kids play with toys, you can sense the joy it brings them, and we want our customers to feel the same when they try our items.” 

A true visionnaire as the AMIAYA’s popularity has continued to shine leading to numerous television and international fashion week appearances. Their awe-inspiring, flamboyant style and trademark pink hairs will surely turn heads wherever they go. 

AMIAYA opt for fierce looks despite their shy personalities. Scroll down to see our favorite looks:

Ami and Aya Suzuki #1
Ami and Aya Suzuki #2
Ami and Aya Suzuki #3
Photo Credit: Ami & Aya Suzuki

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

The Olsen Twins were the original influencers. Their book “Influence” back in 2008 proved their vast impact.  

If you were born in the 90’s, you ought to know that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen made their debut as child actresses in Full House and continued their successful journey as American fashion designers. At the age of 18-years-old, they built their very own fashion empire called Elizabeth and James and The Row creating minimalistic formal attire and staying away from fashion trends. They initially did not want people to know it was their creation as they worked tirelessly behind the curtains. They are detail-oriented and passionate about what they do and most importantly value their team extensively.  They are the true definition of letting their work do the talking. 

“I think we’re very much perfectionists and hard workers and we’ve always been hard workers. It’s also our job to find every imperfection in there to make sure that we’re constantly pushing ourselves and training our eyes and making sure everyone is served. Just evolving and learning.”  Mary-Kate Olsen

As for their fashion looks, they have adopted an individual sophisticated sense of style over their decades in the spotlight. Much to say they both love black and white shirts even from a young age, in which they rocked their monochromatic looks to this day. 

We love you Olsen twins! Scroll down to see our favorite looks:

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen #1

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen #2Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen #3

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Qjin & Qwon

Last but not least, Qjin and Qwon are the ultimate Korean twins. We love how these twins stay authentic and quirky on camera especially on their YouTube channel, Q2Han with over half a million followers! They created a loyal community of Qtees. Bringing the element of humor into everything they do and not taking themselves too seriously

Qjin and Qwon lived the American Dream as they grew up in Oklahoma City and graduated from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Initially entering the fashion industry as textile assistants, which they then realized did not peak their interests. That is when they decided to go for further studies in fashion business management to start their own brand. They stumbled upon YouTube and they saw the opportunity in sharing their skills and about Korean culture via the ubiquitous platform. 

As twins, they have a great relationship with one another and have proven to be perfect work partners. 

We are the best and honest team. When you are working with someone else, being honest is the key to making everything work. Qwon

It is intriguing to see their two enigmatic styles, as they appear chic and minimalistic on Instagram and very bold and colorful on YouTube. 

Oversized t-shirts and coats are something they take pride in wearing often. Accessories on accessories: knee high colorful socks, hats, layered jewellery, ornamented heels and boots. Experimenting and playing around with the pieces they have, simply having fun with their looks.

They certainly know how to make a statement. Scroll down to see our favorite looks:

Qjin Qwon #1

Qjin Qwon #2

Photo Credit: Qjin & Qwon

Qjin & Qwon YoutubePhoto Credit: Q2HAN YouTube Channel


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