Relax, Refresh, and Revive!

In these unprecedented times, it is very common to feel burnt out. Perhaps you just wrapped up a big project and are having trouble staying motivated for the next one, or maybe your home life is taking up more of your energy than usual. Perhaps you’re just bored and need a little refreshment. 

Worry not, our team has picked out these refreshing drinks, for you to restart or rewind.

Octavio Matcha


A worldwide favorite, this finely milled green tea powder we call Matcha has become a household name. The origins of Matcha can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (7th - 10th Century) in China and was brought to Japan in 1191 by a Buddhist Monk named Eisai. Eisai then planted these seeds on temple grounds in Kyoto, and during the period of the Kamakura Shogun, matcha was only produced in extremely limited quantities, hence making Matcha a luxurious status symbol. 

What was the pinnacle of luxury back in the day is now a delicacy that can be enjoyed by people all over the world. Its unique taste and the array of health benefits it possesses are why everyone loves it so much! Today, Matcha can be enjoyed at a café near you, and there are so many variations that you just can't get enough of it!


Atena Valeriana

A healing tea as it calms you down when you are anxious or can't sleep, it's widely used in Colombia for moments when people are having a hard time and need to be restful, or when camomille won't cut it to go to sleep. The best part is that even though the smell is quite strong, Valeriana in tea or capsule version is your friend for those nights when you're tossing and turning with ideas and need a restful night.

For a night owl like me, it's been a great help to regulate my sleep time.


Atena Jamu

All the way from Indonesia, Jamu is a traditional medicine predominantly made from natural ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, lime, and oranges. Great to drink in the morning to wake you up and get you ready for the day! 

Jamu can be found throughout Indonesia, but it is more common in Java, where Mbok Jamu, the traditional kain kebaya-wearing Javanese woman carrying bamboo basket, filled with bottles of jamu on her back, travelling villages and towns alleys, offering her fares of traditional herbal medicine, can be found.


Micro Sharbat
Sharbat is a sweet, cool, non-alcoholic drink that is produced mostly by Iranian mothers at home.
It can be made of fruits or blossom leaves, with different colors and different tastes, you can find most of them in Iranian family gatherings in summer when they want to welcome you to their houses. Not just for summer though as Sharbat is popular all season.
It is beneficial for your body as many types of sharbat have herbal distillates as their main ingredients which can balance your body naturally to prevent diseases. We got the easiest recipe to make it! Find rosewater in a supermarket or small store that sells middle eastren ingredients, add 3 tablespoons to the glass of water, add sugar or syrup and mix them, don't forget to add ice cubes and enjoy!


There you have it folks! Hope it helps to refreshes you.


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