The Greek Islands: A Travel Guide

If you're a 90's born and all you know about Santorini is through The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, you have come to the right place to live vicariously through our guided list.

Our latest SS21 collection is inspired by the incredible Greek island, Mykonos where it smells like summer, joy and escape. It tastes like fresh tomatoes and indulgent Greek salad. The whooshing sound of windmills, strong ocean current hitting the rocks and strolling through the villages surrounded by white cave-like architecture. Mykonos is where we will journey together, even if for a little bit. 

Plus bonus guide to Santorini, a place of romantic lovers alike. We highly recommend to stay a few nights on each island to give a different taste and experience. 

Visit Principote Beach Club
Panormos Beach, Mikonos 84600, Greece
For laid back opulent summer beach living set in Panormos Beach, Mykonos. You can head there on a sunny day to enjoy an al fresco lunch, refreshing cocktails and sun-soaked loungers. 

Panormos Beach

Stroll in Little Venice & Windmills
Mykonos 84600, Greece
Located in the heart of town, Little Venice is a charming seafront neighborhood packed with lively bars, restaurants and clubs. You will see the famous five cylindrical windmills with pointed roofs. Dating back to the 1500s, these windmills stand facing the iconic Little Venice by the sea, a popular destination at sunset.  

Little Venice 

Grab Crêpes at Bon Bon Fait Maison
Georgouli 11, Mikonos 84600, Greece
Gluten-free crêperie, ice cream stand and lovely staffs to greet you. Bon Bon Fait Maison offers some sweet and savory vegan crêpe options and several vegan ice cream flavors. 

Grab Crêpes

Sunbathe at Ornos Beach
Ornos Beach, 84600, Greece
Mykonos is best known as a beach paradise, with dozens of sandy beaches wrapping around the island. The most popular and family-friendly beaches are Ornos, Platis Gialos and Psarou Beach.

Ornos Beach

Stay at Vedema, A Luxury Collection Resort
Megalochori 84700, Greece
Tucked away within the medieval village of Megalohori, the enchanting Vedema, a Luxury Collection Resort has evolved from a 400-year-old wine cellar and a 100-year-old mansion into an authentic, Cycladic-styled property. Dedicated to the needs of seasoned travellers, Vedema houses 59 spacious suites and villas, all with their own terraces and many with jacuzzis or private pools. Nafsika Estate, its sister luxurious villa has some breathtaking views and tranquility beyond compare. 


Sail Away in the Mediterranean Sea
When in Greece, sail. Rent a catamaran for the day with friends and family, you will come across leftover volcanic sites and a chance to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Who would say no to that? The waters are quite chilly in September, so we suggest to bring warm sweaters after swimming. 

Mediterranean Sea

Hike down to Amoudi Bay 
Bay in Greece
We hiked down the steep steps to Amoudi Bay without the help of the mules. Our motivation you may ask? The spectacular views of the boats and delicious sun-dried octopus at bay. 

Amoudi Bay

Shop at Speira Concept Store
Oía, Santorini, Kikladhes, 84702, Greece
What's a vacation without shopping? Speira is a concept store in the heart of Oia, the perfect place to shop for Greek memorabilia with a wide array of excellent options from clothes to fridge magnets made by talented artisans. 


Hike from Oia to Fira
The 3-hour hike between the famous Greek village, Oia to the capital of Santorini, Fira is quite endearing. From charming houses to the astonishing view of the ocean, you would want to stop at every scenic view such as this one below. 

Oia to Fira

Watch the Sunset Go Down at Oia
It is quintessential to watch the sun sets in Oia. We recommend getting a villa that is closest to the two big windmills to get VIP seats at the tip of your bedroom door. Wine, olives and a wide spread of cheese is the way to go.

Oia Sunset 

Dine at Petrosia Restaurant
Petrosia, Oía 84702
Located in Oia, Santorini, Petrosia has been welcoming quest from all over the world since 1948 when it initially opened as a simple, cozy tavern. Whether you are dining alone or with your loved one, savoring a sun-dried octopus for supper is quite soothing and not to mention mouthwatering. The succulent taste will make you want for more. 

Petrosia Restaurant 

Read and Buy Books from Atlantis Books
Oía, Santorini, Kikladhes, 84702, Greece
Atlantis Books is located on the main marble street of Oia. They offer literature in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese and Greek. You will find new and used books of modern classic fiction and non-fiction and a selection of poetry, philosophy, art and all things Greek. Plus points, you can also rent a cat while you are there.

Atlantis Books 

Drink at Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar
Fira, Santorini, 84700, Greece
We spent our last night in Santorini bar hopping and we started off in the right spot at Fira's Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar. Dancing underneath the stars that illuminate the summer skies and toasting to all the good times in life and memorable nights. 

Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar 

We wish we can go on and on about Mykonos and Santorini as there are so much to see. Trust us, we wanted to stay for more than 2 weeks the last time we were there!

For those Greek mythology and historical landmark enthusiasts, we suggest you visit Athens as well to give you a well-rounded tour of Greece.


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