Motherhood and Not Losing Your Sense of Femininity

Guest article written by MDLR Brand Ambassador Natalia Paz Cabrera.

I'm a mom, yes! AND I am also a woman. 

Diapers inside the bag, body lotion for baby inside the bag, changing clothes for baby inside the bag, mosquito repellent for baby inside the bag and what about my things inside the bag?

I completely forgot about my own things in my son Jeronimo´s diaper bag during the first month after his birth. Going into the second month, I realized I am also a woman.

A woman with dreams, with her own stuff, her own things and of course, in need of having her OWN bag.

Becoming a mother has its challenges and rewards (like many things in life). It is amazing because I have planned, wanted and prayed for a child for a very long time. Fortunately, I have been exposed to motherhood early on, surrounded by my sisters and dear friends who have children of their own and have gone through this process as well.

Having a circle of strong women that support you is very important. They too, have gone through the same process of accepting and taking care of themselves first, before taking care of others.

Paz photographed by Dejan Rivaldo

I think it is not just time for yourself but not losing your sense of femininity as part of your new life; where we welcome motherhood with lipstick, high heels, beautiful clothes and a chic bag that your fellow girlfriends can admire. I think we all need to accept that part of us aside being a mother.

Believe me… after two months of changing diapers, smelling like milk all the time, wearing loose pants and breastfeeding pumping bras I REALLY needed to go out with friends and dress up again! 

On that very first day, I dressed for Paz. The woman who loves to put make up on, the woman that has always talked about self love and empower women to do so. A date with myself, the most important date after such a long time, it felt.

Atena Plush Fuchsia Purse-Sling Bag

The most funny thing, it also empowered me to go back home and be the best mom I could be for my baby. The whole experience has taught me proven once more that as women, you have to love yourself, spoil yourself, feel happy first and then proceed to make others feel good too.

Personal archives of Natalia Paz Cabrera

This was the best learning I had that day and I really encourage women that become mothers to have that special time for themselves.

Stay tuned for Paz's a day in the life on our YouTube Channel and Instagram TV, be sure not to miss it. P.S. it involves our favorite arepa! 


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