How to Set Up the Perfect & Intimate Event at Home

Following her Gentlewomen Series interview, we had to ask Olga Iserlis of Adagio Events a few more details about event planning and organizing.

We are certain that our MDLR community never does anything half-way, so of course we are here to help you plan the most intimate wedding (or small event gatherings) at home! Amongst other things we learned throughout the pandemic is to treasure moments with loved ones.

Diane von Fürstenberg once said, "Olga is a true magician! She knows how to create unforgettable experiences and does it effortlessly!" 

From the party archives of Olga Iserlis

For someone who hasn’t yet attended an “Olga” event and has the opportunity to in the near future, what would they expect from you?
All of my events have a signature of ‘Olga’s event’; and when guests attend any of them, they often express "Oh it's an Olga signature event!"

I believe in meticulous detailing that somehow has a strong story telling behind it. This is what I try to convey. It is a discovery, an immersion, an experience and a creation of the memory.

Every occasion I have created is unique and I do not duplicate from one to another. When creating a memorable event, I would go back to the roots, and study the history or the heritage and DNA of the brand.

I have been creating luxury lifestyle events and special experiences for about twenty three years now. I am fortunate to have an amazing team working with me including floral, cuisine (an excellent chef!) and the best technical and logistical support. Some of my team members have been with me for over a decade and I believe in growing together.

From the party archives of Olga Iserlis

Why do you think your events are known to be looked at and out-of-the-box?
I am very intuitive person, I feel the energy surrounding me. It is important for me to channel and express this through my event.

I look at every aspect of the elements involved. People have been attending many events in their lifetime especially in the past [before the pandemic] years. To give them something unique, unusual, expressive and memorable have always been of importance to me. It is now even more important than ever.  

Details are extremely important. I believe, the event starts way before the actual date itself. The experience has to commence when the 'save the date' is sent. It creates a sense of anticipation and excitement! 

How do you get your creative juices flowing when planning an event? 
I have a chapter in my book ‘Save the Date’ that anything and everything inspires me. Sometimes I can listen to music and its tunes inspire me to dream and imagine. There are so many things inspires me; colors, the arts, nature, traveling; books; conversations… Even if traveling does not really exist right now, we can definitely travel into our mind from our past experiences, and submerge ourselves into something or somewhere  we are passionate about. 

It really depends on what inspires me at the moment for the particular event but honestly sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I know exactly what I want to do. Like many creative minds, the thought process can take lots of different angles.


From the party archives of Olga Iserlis

What part of event planning do you love the most?
I love every part of event planning. I am very particular and detail-oriented with the creation and activation of each event I have created.

But I have to say, the most enjoyable part is creating and staging the event. I go in the middle of the night together with my team and I stage the event and this excitement, the energy I experience seeing it all come together is incredible! Seeing happy faces of guests, and feeling the positive energy all around is exceptional, and I strive for this every time I work on an event.

Please enlighten us Olga, how do you set up the perfect, meaningful and intimate event at home during a pandemic? We have several brides wanting to celebrate their big day while trying to keep safe.
It is all about the emotions. I want to touch people’s senses; give them happiness. Creating a celebration of life is my ultimate goal.

For weddings, it is important to entice the couple to use their soul and heart, to dream, to immerse themselves into the dream, and I help them to do just that, and bring this dream of a wedding into the reality. Listening to the client, and communicating with them is a very important part of the whole journey of staging the most special and meaningful event.

Staging smaller-scale events allows  you to pay more attention at the details. For example, you can write personalized handwritten notes for your beloved guests. This makes the communication very personal, something that perhaps would have not been possible to do for a 300-500 people wedding. You can go in a little bit more in depth, and connect with people through unique elements that might have not been possible with a larger scale events.

Olga Iserlis being a host at home 

Aside from the creative aspects, how do you create that sense of experiential engagement through online streaming platforms, if we are only limited to 30 guests?
I feel that everyone is just about Zoomed out by now. 

Nonetheless, I have created the notion of 'hybrid events'. It is an interesting experience where people can be immersed into a certain area through virtual reality or augmented reality. Even though people might not be in the same space all together, I developed a way how they can still connect on a personal level. I believe, even virtually we can find a way how to create closeness among the people from all around the world. 

The future is certainly here! We ought to try those options. Last but not least, any words of advice for brides-to-be or for our aspiring host and hostess?
Discover things from the heart. Do not assume things. Be authentic.

I think authenticity is extremely important. If you do not believe in yourself, if you are not authentic to yourself, if you do not express your personality and your own style, the event or whatever you do, might turn out monotonous. So you have to really feel it yourself first and enjoy what you are doing. For example, if you are a host, enjoy being a host, because at the end of the day, this energy will transpire a similar energy around you as well.  


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