Celebrating our love for the Culinary World A La MDLR

A look into the MDLR team’s favorite culinary figures from all around the world.
Photographed by Madie Hamilton via Unsplash

Spring is nearing, and it is about time to wear your best transitional outfits and your favorite MDLR bag while exploring new food spots on your block. 

To celebrate women in the culinary world, we want to share 6 amazing chefs from across the globe alongside their unique specialties that we couldn’t help but share with you.

We hope you find our list of chefs as inspiring as we do, and we would love to hear your own favorite chefs, dishes, and all things tastebud related 


Courtesy of Page Six

Shayna Terese Taylor is indeed a unique chef, considering she comes from an ex-career in modeling. This American chef is unconventional, not only because she bonds two worlds that are usually set apart but also for her approach to natural beauty and the environment.  

We love her nutrition advice and her personal story about why she chose to move to Italy and start her biodynamic farm.

Make sure you check out her own fresh pasta recipe with rare Italian flour aimed to support gluten-intolerant carb lovers. The MDLR team is in admiration of her work, inspired by a rare background that includes mentorship from some of the world’s leading specialists in fitness and nutrition. Her homemade almond milk is something to die for!



Courtesy of Hublot

Anne-Sophie Pic is the female chef with the most Michelin stars, holding eight stars across her five restaurants. We love that her career started with no formal culinary training.

She assumed leadership of her family’s restaurant Maison Pic after her father’s death in 1997. After earning three stars for the restaurant, Pic opened a second restaurant, Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic, which celebrates her family’s culinary lineage from Valence.

Now, if you still believe you do not have enough training for something, there is no better inspiration than this incredible French Chef, who despite all, keeps a tradition alive, with innovation, passion, and intuition.



Courtesy of The Grumpy Chef

Behind the façade of “The Grumpy Chef” is Sabrina Alatas. Like manyother chefs, her fascination and love for cooking started at an early age. During her high school years, she would recreate dishes she enjoyed from restaurants at her home, and from then she decided to pursue her studies at a culinary school in Paris.

Upon returning to Indonesia, she worked in multiple restaurants across Jakarta and Bali to hone her skills further, so she could continue creating art with food.

Sabrina is now the head of kitchen troops at Bokashi Bali – a Japanese-Inspired Café and Tea House and offers Casual-Fine Private Dining services through her “The Grumpy Chef”.  


Courtesy of Tempo Magazine

Nadja Azzura began her journey in the kitchen as a child and got her first gig when she was 10. Her love for cooking started when she watched her mom preparing dishes like oxtail and tomato soup. Since then, she began experimenting with pasta, pastries, and roasts.

Now, with Nadja’s gourmet, she focuses on celebrating classic staple dishes and elevating them to the next level.



Courtesy of Tanaman Restaurant

As Tanaman Restaurant’s head chef, Dominique Hammond is continuously exploring new ways to innovate plant-based dishes into something spectacular and never before seen.

Her “earth-to-plant” philosophy has made it so that each dish she creates is made with sustainability and nutrition at its core. Trained as a raw-vegan chef in Perth, she brings her knowledge of Mother Earth’s gifts and transforms them into edible works of art.

At Tanaman, she makes sure to source locally to reduce the distance from farm to table, keeping the process sustainable and organic.



The cutest and wisest of our chefs, and the one you will never find in a restaurant, is one of the team's nonnas. She embodies what we love about food at home. 

“To be a chef is like being a designer. You need to use what nature offers and shape it into gorgeous and delicious food that ultimately gives joy to your guests and family members.  Instead of fabrics, cotton and linen or silk, you have an entire world of veggies, meat, fish, and flours at your disposal, and you can craft, like an alchemist, your very own voice through a plate.” She says to us when we interviewed her and she stresses. “I know all chefs will never tell their ingredients. Mine is not a secret. The most important ingredient of them all is… es AMORE ( LOVE!)” and she smiles with that contagious laugh of hers.


You might not have ever had the chance the eat at granny’s table, but we are sure among your chef’s list, there is that magical figure, who always pours her love into every dish.

Team M