Bag Insider: Octavio, The Bag That Keeps On Giving

The Octavio might appear tiny, but boy it is mighty!
Inspired by the name of ancient Rome’s first emperor, Octavius, this bag is a 3-in-1 multiway bag which means you can style it in 3 different ways. Our most versatile bag could be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag or purse. The Octavio also serves as a ‘fashion shield’ to protect you from day to night, on every occasion.
All illustrations are hand drawn by the talented Fia Larasati for Marie De La Roche.
Octavio Fia Larasati
1. Wear as a backpack
If you are feeling outdoorsy and planning to go on a hike but you want to remain stylish and hassle free, wear our Octavio as a backpack! A practical bag for an adventurous trip. This style is also perfect for a shopping spree in case your hands will be occupied with shopping bags.
Octavio Fia Larasati
2. Sling it as a shoulder bag
Bringing a compact bag is best when traveling out of town, especially one that could keep your personal items safe in crowded places, like the Octavio. Thanks to its snapping mechanism, it saves you from zipping your bag back and forth when taking personal items or preventing potential pickpockets.
Octavio Fia Larasati
3. Date night clutch
For a more elegant and elevated look, you could take off the two straps to transform our bag into a fashion statement. Octavio as a purse is the perfect companion for your dinner date with your partner or girlfriends due to its size and style.
Watch here link it to IGTV on how to wear the Octavio seamlessly.

Whether you are hiking, shopping, traveling or dinner dates, the Octavio will take care of your essentials. These are the items that you can put inside your Octavio:

  • Wallet
  • Undoubtedly one of the things that you carry when going outside. Even though a lot of shops nowadays provide cashless payment, you do still need your wallet to bring your important cards. Do not worry if you have a big wallet, the Octavio could fit one that is up to 19 cm long!

  • A lipstick or two
  • Even when you are wearing a mask out of the house, do not forget to bring your favorite lipstick as a touch up. Never hesitate to bring your other favorite lipstick, because this bag is a spacious one.

  • A pen
  • There are unexpected times when we need to take down notes, write a cheque, fill out a form, or sign something when we are out and about. Even though most public places provide a pen for us, it is always a good thing to carry one yourself to prevent the widespread of any viruses.

  • Hand sanitizer
  • In this pandemic era, it is very important to keep your hands clean at all times. Since it is quite impossible to put a hand soap inside your bag, it is much more sensible to bring a hand sanitizer. We recommend bringing your hand sanitizer in one of the pockets so it will not be accidentally sprayed onto other items inside  your bag.

  • Phone charger
  • Other than your phone, your charger is as important to be carried inside your bag. Whether you are going out for a short stint or the whole day, you certainly do not want your phone to run out of battery and miss any important calls or chats, won't you?

    So, there you have it. The Octavio is certainly the bag that keeps on giving and it is worth every penny for your very first Marie De La Roche bag. Click on backpacks on our website to find out more. 


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