A Shopping Novelty, Host Your Own Trunk Show At Home

Ever wondered what a Marie De La Roche bag looks like up close? Or perhaps you wish to add more bags to your collection but are unable to come to our events? You may have wandered around our website but is still uncertain which bag to take home.

Our private at home shopping service and styling session is the answer to your prayers. 

Imagine having a home full of unique and colorful MDLR bags. Pick and shop together with your girlfriends, COVID-19 measurements applied of course. What a way to spend time together, all in the comfort of your home. 

Book your private session. We offer this bespoke service only in Singapore, Kuwait, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. 

Dive into the MDLR World

Immerse into this one-of-a-kind experience with our concierge team. Listen to our extensive stories about the brand and bags. Yes, each MDLR bag has its own story behind their shape and design. From a Japanese armor to art deco buildings, our inspirations comes from different parts of the world to Greek mythology.  

It is hard not to fall deeply in love with our stories.

Now it is time for you to feel the bags, wear it as a clutch or across your body. Take as much time as you need to go back and forth to see which bag fits you the most. The perks of hosting your own trunk show, there is no rush! Take lots of photos of you with the bags and utilize the Instagram poll feature to get your followers to help you choose. Trust us, it works and you will end up coming back for more.

Zoom in the Bags

Considering the private at home service is only available in Singapore, Kuwait, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali, we also provide an online styling service offered in various time zones. This Zoom session is ideal for you who are less comfortable spending time in large crowds. 

Our MDLR concierge team will guide you through a special one-on-one shopping journey like none other. You will also hear our tales and observe the bags thoroughly all to yourself! This virtual session is as enticing as offline shopping, the difference is it is set in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Booking can be made through 

Decisions, Decisions

Given the circumstances that the bags are not physically with you, head over to our Instagram account to download and try on our filters! With the help of augmented reality technology, you could “try on” the virtual versions of the Atena Purse Sling Bag, Micro Blanket Purse, and Octavio Backpack. How neat?

Online or offline shopping, if the mirror is on the other side of the house, feel free to ask our personal shopper for help! Deciding the perfect bag is not always easy, our team will be delighted to give you the ultimate styling advice. We will be there for you until you find your dream MDLR bag. 

One Step Closer to Becoming an Atenian

Get the bag that you have been eyeing, color coordinate with your friends, plus unlimited style consultation. Check, check, check.

Create a memorable activity with us where you can shop comfortably, mix and match your outfits with our bags, and have fun with your inner circle.

Regardless of which form of session you wish to attend, the excitement that you will experience is irreplaceable compared with ordinary shopping. Who doesn't want a personalized styling session? 👗🛍️

For offline shoppers, the bag you choose is yours right away from the moment you purchase. Meanwhile online shoppers might have to wait for your bags to be delivered right to your doorstep (enquire for personal shopping).

Good news! For every bag purchase, you will receive a special postcard featuring exclusive illustrations by Fia Larasati for Marie De La Roche to keep or send to your loved ones. 

Step up your bag game with us! Please contact us through for more details and to reserve your booking. We certainly are eager to know more about our future Atenians!


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