Art Sessions Around The World

All around the world, no matter its expression, art is something that universally appeals to the human heart.

Art can uplift our spirit, provoke feelings, soothe our body, entertain and even educate us. It takes us from the everyday routine to a place of introspection and contemplation to always see the bigger picture in life.

Opening our eyes as we travel through different cultural experiences elevates any journey.

The MDLR team shares from Turkey to Japan, to Greece to Indonesia some forms of art sessions and experiences that tell stories of culture, heritage, patience and perseverance through intricate details.


Henna Art Workshop – Istanbul, Turkey

In the Turkish tradition, for hundreds of years Henna has been used as a symbol of devotion pre nuptials, applied on the bride’s palm and the groom’s pinkie on a ceremonial night before the wedding day, where all the families and friends gather along for a Henna Night.

In the heart of Istanbul, Turkey you can take home a beautiful piece of art by learning and painting with Henna where they only use organic Henna paste. From the preparations, techniques of drawing, design exploration, to custom guide for guests on their special occasions according to your request!


Wagashi Making Class – Tokyo, Japan

The traditional Japanese sweets Wagashi are not only delicious to eat, they are also beautiful to look at!

Usually served alongside a cup of matcha to balance out the bitterness and the umami tea flavor, Wagashi is an intrinsic part of the Japanese culture and designed accordingly to the seasons or local region of when and where it was made.

Almost to pretty to devour, the diverse varieties of design crafted from sweet bean paste, mochi rice cakes, and sesame cake are only the surface of the Wagashi making classes. You will learn how to make colourful Higashi sugar candies, delicately craft sakura flowers from Nerikiri, to stuffing and plumping Daifuku mochi with fresh strawberries.

There are all sorts of Wagashi class options available. Not only will you learn more about traditional Japanese sweets and food culture from your expert local teacher, you will also take home some impressive new skills!


Mediterranean Pottery Workshop – Sifnos, Greece

The Mediterranean region, known for its abounding water and strong sun is no stranger to the art of clay and pottery.

A true heritage tradition dating back to the 3000 BC,  from artifacts to shiny modern shaped glazed ceramics, the pottery work from Greece is beautiful option to bring back home with you.

You can learn how to make your own vivid coloured salad bowl with summery design on the Island of Sifnos, Greece.  There in the workshop, you will meet the potters who will teach you about the origin stories from their beloved island, which inspire the design, all the way to the hand molding, glazing, and finishing process of their proudly made potteries.


Balinese Batik Making Classes – Bali, Indonesia

Originated in Indonesia and well known in Java Island, there are actually many varieties of Batik. One of which is Balinese Batik, pioneered in Gianyar Bali, back in the 1970s. 

You can learn the characteristics, different motifs, and create a quality Batik on your own at many places in Bali. The blend of Balinese culture and having the tropical Island as its main inspiration, one of the most popular Batik motifs are Buketan. Derived from the word ‘bouquet’, this motif has a lot of floral elements.

In the fascinating Batik making class, you will experience the entire process of learning the story and culture behind the motifs you choose, boiling the wax then delicately apply it onto the stretched out fabric, and dyeing it in the color of your liking. Once the class has finished, you'll be ready to take home your very own batik masterpiece!

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