For the Wedding Guests: A Bag to Remember

It is that time of the year, the beginning of everlasting and genuine relationships. Hallways decked with ornamented decor accompanied with the lingering scent of fresh color coordinated peonies. That is right... Wedding season!

Not only are weddings an occasion in which love is in the air, it is also most definitely a fashion moment. Well, are we wrong? 

While most documentaries and blogs feature a behind-the-scenes of wedding planning, we decided to approach a rundown of the actual event...the process of getting ready. 

We broke down each stage into phrases you are bound to say at least once. 

“I think I have fallen in love with this dress”

The hotel porter most likely had to call for backup to carry your massive suitcases to the room. Suitcases filled with an array of bags for... every self-made event. Now the real quest begins for elegant floor-length gowns. As you walk through boutiques with your trusty Seda Silver, you get that shopping high as you have spotted THE dress that speaks to you. 

Seda Silver Purse

All this followed by back-to-back phone calls as soon as you get back from your shopping adventure, looking for the makeup artist who can fulfill all your gorgeous face needs. One that will guide you through colorful and shimmery makeup looks, whilst ensuring your experience is stress-free. 

“Can I get my hair done like this?”  

Loose waves, half up and down or slicked back into a ballerina bun...depending on your mood. Grab that pretty pink mimosa and call the girls, all to approve your final look while having a laugh. Your hair is in complete perfection now, feeling like a goddess yet?

“Does this bag go with this dress?”  

Bags that appear to be plucked right from the scene of a fairytale offering structure, modernity and a whimsical design. Embody your most fab persona, as you strut across the venue with a smile as bright as the stars. Straighten up your posture as you envision your Venus Candy as a scepter of support. Are you royal? Because we think you look the part. 

Venus Candy Purse

“Does it look better styled this way?”

Accessories act as the foundational brick which holds together an entire look. You can have fun with your bold accessory of choice. Wear your Cherubim Nite either as a purse or a sling bag. We suggest you wear it hands-free with its strap for this occasion. You can now grab two glasses of champagne at a time, you’re welcome!

Cherubim Nite Convertible Purse

“Where is the bride?”

Weddings are magical. Nevertheless, they can also be stressful, especially for the bride. As you can imagine or have experienced, all eyes are on her. Perfectionism may strike, leading to a worldwide phenomenon known as bridezilla. Who do you think brings perspective and reminds her of the beauty in it all? Her bridesmaids of course!

They multitask as a swiss-knife would, fulfilling all the needs of the bride, whilst looking absolutely great. As the event progresses, you see them strutting around, probably in matching blush-rose satin dresses paired with an elegant Cappuccino Butterfly Clutch. A wedding occasion is the only event when having a uniform look is a must (think of the photos after).

Cappuccino Butterfly 3 Way Clutch


Now you are ready to hit the dance floor and have a great time while feeling confident, bold and glowing!


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