5 Tips for Moms in the Workforce

For many women, being a working mom isn’t a choice, it’s a reality. The pressure to “do it all” leaves many mothers feeling overwhelmed, and getting out of that mindset is not easy.  

At MDLR we have quite a few working mothers amongst us, we asked them about how they manage their time between home and work. Today, we bring you five tips that the moms of MDLR swear by, and we hope that you find it encouraging!

Defeating the Guilt

The guilt of leaving your kids while you go to work is felt by many working mothers across the world. The worry of missing milestones leaves many at a dilemma that often times leads to guilt, which can then turn into the blurring of boundaries.

To combat this, know that “No” is a complete sentence. You don’t have to be present to every PTA meeting, and you can say no to the things that you don’t have the bandwidth to do. Know where your limits are, and work around that.

Take it a Day at a Time

As a mom, your day can get unpredictable at times, and our team members know this too well. Remember that today is just one day out of many, so don’t stress yourself out with different possibilities that might not even happen!

The change that comes into your life when your little one arrives is drastic, know that it will take some time to get used to it, and in that process, be kind with how you speak to yourself.

Aim for Work-Life Integration, not Work-Life Balance 

On some days, work demands more, and on others, your kids may demand more. The moms of MDLR usually tackle this with allowing flexibility in their daily schedules. It’s okay to take some time of your day to tend to the needs of your children on some days, and on work on others.

Your work and home life can co-exist peacefully. The integration between these two worlds is much more realistic then drawing out lines between family and work time.

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Optimize Morning Routines

To avoid overwhelming yourself first thing in the morning, prepare a morning routine that can get you grounded for the day. Our Social Media Director is a mom of an 18-month-old, and starts the day with something that she loves, which is to tend to her plants. She then moves on to plan her meals for the day, wake up her little one, and have a little bit of family play time before she gets to work.

It’s essential to have a little bit of time for your own hobbies, be it tending to your plants, writing, working out, or just having an uninterrupted cup of coffee. Start the day doing something that fills your heart with joy, and carry that energy throughout your day.  


Make Some Time for Yourself

Your kids are important, your work is important, and YOU are also important!

Don’t forget to take some time off to unwind every few days to remind yourself that despite everything, you’re still standing strong. Indulge in a hobby, catch up with your loved ones, or book a massage to get those knots out, because you deserve it.

We hope you found these tips useful, and we wish you all the love and luck on your career journey!

We send our love to you and your little ones today.

Team M.