MDLR's Guide to 5 Extraordinary New Year Party Destinations

Hello, gentlepeople around the world.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Is your head spinning with jingles already?

Ours certainly is. And it brings up all the controversial part of celebrations, including the Grinch in us, that says a cup of cocoa and our favorite pajama will do just fine!

We debated at MDLR whether to bring this up, or simply let you crawl back into your cool and cozy oversize wool trousers and let you chill in peace. In the end, we approached it in the same way we approach life: embracing and celebrating it!

Whether you are the Grinch or Santa itself, we decided to bring you the BEST party destinations out there.

Dust off your sparkling dress and your crystal shoes, and we will see you on the dancefloor! Oh… and of course, before you leave your home, don't forget to bring out your shiniest MDLR bag!

The French Coolness: LA FOLIE DOUCE

Nobody knows how to party like the French.

We say it and we stand by it. Paris would make a fantastic spot for your countdown but if you truly want an experience out of the ordinary, you should give it a try to La Folie Douce.

It means “the sweet madness” and it is all there is to say about this beautiful decadent hotel chain. We have visited the Chamonix location and it has been by far the most fun apres-ski scene we have partaken in.

Be ready to wear your latest resort outfit, to sing loud and to dance till you drop, of course always with a lot of style.

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Courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Boho bucket list: RIO

Rio’s iconic Copacabana Beach hosts the world’s largest and wildest New Year party which receives more than two million people on that two-and-a-half-mile stretch of sand.

The celebration is usually marked by a tradition of wearing white and tossing flowers into the sea. 

We suggest wearing sneakers and to be armed with the best party mood ever, because this extraordinary party almost feels like a marathon.

Be prepared, plan early and most importantly, be aware of the local traditions.

The celebration honors Iemanjá, the Goddess of the Sea, and one of the most important of the macumba deities.

Worth the sweat, MDLR guarantees.

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For those seeking a different and more cultural experience, can’t miss Salute to Vienna in New York.

Technically not a new year’s party, so yes you can still make it, particularly if we did not manage to push you out of your sofa on New Year‘s Eve. 

Salute to Vienna new year concert in New York is a 26-year-old tradition. Featuring singers, dancers and a full orchestra. It is named “The most glamorous New Year’s concert of the city”.

Who knows, we might be even able to spot Carrie and our beloved sex and cities-like characters out there. And yes, this one requires a fabulous outfit, but you already knew that right?

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Courtesy of Lincoln Center

VENICE: because Italians knew best.

Yes, we selected Venice. Even if you are not in a couple, the city itself is worth the celebration.

If you have the lust for a perfect Venetian night, we suggest celebrating at La Fenice. The theater hosts a New Year’s concert and dinner which will be memorable.

It might be hard to get tickets though, so if you are out of options you can simply delight yourself with a boat party, watching the fireworks in the laguna.

Venice is magical, regardless of your organizational skills. You can book your ticket and hotel, let yourself carry on by the night, following the flow of the canals, and still have an extraordinarily good time.

Do not miss to opportunity to sip your first café of the year in San Marco and try the Hemingway’s gin tonic at Harry’s bar. Venice is amazing, especially if you are single!

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Photographed by Guisi Borrasi via Unsplash

The adventurous Middle Eastern Party: DUBAI

Besides being a top cosmopolitan destination of super clubs and beautiful people from all over the world, they have an array of super interesting cultural experiences. This is an off-beat type of party.

Think beautiful traditional dancing in the desert, barefoot under the moon thanks to the “Desert Safari with dune drive, BBQ Dinner, Belly Dance and Tanoura Show”

They even promise a camel ride and a spectacular last 2022 sunset. Truly can’t wait to try this extraordinary adventure with an Octavio backpack and let you know all about it.

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Now, if this still doesn’t get you out of your comfort because you are less of a party animal and more of an MDLR sofa, cat, tv, fridge, sofa again, type of person… Well, off course we have something for you. Here is a list of top movies to indulge in:

  1. Love Actually for the trizillion time
  2. Bridget Jones Diaries for the 50th million time
  3. Sex and the City (the full series) for the (no idea how many times) , but if you prefer something more current you can switch to The Bold Type in Netflix.

Happy New Year from all our MDLR team!  Let us know how your parties and pajamas choices are going!

Much Love & Happy Holidays.